Scenes of Previous Lives that Appeared in Meditation

A Wuhan Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | November 11, 2007

[] One day in
March of 1999, we were practicing the Falun Gong movements and telling
people about Dafa in a park in Han Yang City.  While I was
practicing the fifth exercise (meditation), my celestial eye was
opened.  A series of scenes surrounded by hazy air appeared in
front of me.  The first scene was about a Buddha who wore a kasaya
and mediated in the middle.  Two young-looking angels with wings
stood on each side of him, while two warriors holding their Fa
implements stood guard on each side behind him. In a flash, a second
scene appeared.  A lady, whose figure I could see only dimly
outlined and who was in her 40's, similar to my own age at that time,
and who had a face that looked like mine, sat gracefully on the side of
a bed.  She placed one of her arms on a small square table located
on the bed.  She wore a hat which was in the unique style of the
Qing Dynasty.  A cotton print handkerchief hung from the right
side of her upper garment.  She looked like those ladies of the
Qing Dynasty that we see in today's movies.  After these two
visions, a scene of a fat middle-aged man with large eyes
appeared.  He dressed in a modern style. He wore a peaked cap that
looked like the one that the factory workers in Shanghai wore in the
30's and 40's.  Some French and British people also wore this
style of cap.  Those visions could have been soundless thought
transmissions.  I know that I was French in a past life.  The
two scenes about the Buddha and the lady of the Qing Dynasty that I
mentioned at the very beginning were images of my past lives which
existed before I descended to this space or reincarnated to my next
life. Those scenes remain fresh in my mind until today.

About two or three months after I saw those scenes, Master's book of poetry, Hong Yin,
was published.  When I read the article "A Tour of the Qing East
Imperial Tombs", I had a dim memory of my predestination with Master in
the Qing Dynasty. But I did not understand why I had been a Frenchman
in my past life, until the first half year of 2000 when Master's
"Touring North America to Teach the Fa" was published.  In that
lecture, Master said,

 "Actually, Chinese culture was left behind by all the world's
people in different dynasties, and these people reincarnated in other
regions after they formed a Karmic relationship. Today's Americans like
Daoism a lot and still demonstrate the values of that time.  Back
when Daoism reached its height of popularity in the Ming Dynasty, in
some cities almost every family had a crucible set up in the
home.  England was the Great Tang, France was the Great Qing,
Italy was the Yuan, Australia was the Xia, Russia was the Zhou, Sweden
was the Northern Song, Taiwan was the Southern Song, and Japan was the
Sui.  In those times, people from each Dynasty left China and
reincarnated to places that didn't have the countries that are there
now- they were still rugged wilderness.  So most people
reincarnated all over the world in a scattered way and only returned to
their places in recent times.  People from one dynasty went one
place, while people from another dynasty went to another place- that's
how it went.  So, strictly speaking, where is 'China?' And who are
'the Chinese people?'   'China' in the truest sense doesn't

After I read that paragraph in the lecture, I finally resolved my
doubts and puzzles.  I learned that I originally came from the
cosmic colossal firmaments that are extremely distant and extremely
vast.  I came to establish a karmic relationship with Master in
the Qing Dynasty and afterwards I reincarnated in France.  I
reincarnated back in China for this life to wait for the arrival of
Dafa.  Fortunately, I've become a Dafa disciple in the
Fa-rectification period.  

As Master continuously teaches us Fa principles, Dafa disciples and the
world's people have gradually come to understand more about their own
origins. Dafa disciples of the Fa rectification not only cultivate
themselves to reach consummation, but also try to save as many sentient
beings as possible. Today's people all over the world came for
Dafa.  They are not simple beings but came from cosmic colossal
firmaments.  Some of them have gotten lost in the human space and
forgotten their main purpose in descending to the human space.
Therefore, it is Dafa disciples' grave responsibility and sacred
mission to save as many sentient beings as possible.  Saving
sentient beings is also the oath that Dafa disciples made before
descending.  In order to treasure and value this moment of truth
of the arrival of Dafa, I have written down what I saw about my past
lives in a hope of assisting my fellow cultivators to validate Dafa,
clarify the truth and save sentient beings.

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