Paintings by Falun Dafa Practitioners: The Call of Innocence

PureInsight | May 4, 2008

[] Editor's Note: A new series of paintings by Falun Dafa practitioners will be exhibited in art galleries around the world. PureInsight will introduce these works starting from today. Please send your feedback and your requests for exhibit information to


"The Call of Innocence," by Chen Xiaoping, oil painting, 26"x36" (2005)

Though dwarfed by Manhattan’s skyline and visited by rain, a young girl shows conviction beyond her years. Her eyes penetrate the gray landscape, giving an almost moral intensity to the plea expressed on her placard. The girl pictured here and many others braved New York City’s elements in a remarkable year-long campaign to raise awareness of the torture and murder of China’s Falun Gong practitioners. Thousands traveled to the city from around the world, often at great personal cost, to support the effort.

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