Witnessing a Falun Dafa Miracle During the Earthquake

Qi Feng

PureInsight | June 2, 2008

[PureInsight.org] A friend of
mine named Ms. Huang quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) after we
clarified facts about the persecution of Falun Dafa to her. She also
accepted a Falun Dafa amulet.

When she got home, her brother was about to leave for a vacation in
Sichuan Province. So, she gave the amulet to her brother to wear. The
hotel that her brother and two other friends stayed in was right in the
earthquake region. When the earthquake struck, they were chatting on
the fourth floor of the hotel. Due to the severity of the earthquake,
the hotel collapsed at once. One of his friends got hit on the head by
a slab and his brains came out and he died instantly. His other friend
was taken to the hospital and died after two hours. However, her
brother was not hurt at all because he was wearing the Dafa amulet.

The brother saw how miraculous Dafa is. He returned home and told his
family everything. Everyone applauded for Dafa. In the end, all of them
quit the CCP.

This year has been full of catastrophes. In China, natural disasters
happen continuously. We hope those people who have not made the right
choice can quickly get to know the truth and quit the CCP to save their
lives. Even worse punishments from heaven have yet to come, but people
still have time. We also hope that those who have witnessed Dafa's
miracles can quickly tell their relatives and friends.

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