Divine Beings Are Compassionate, Showing Strange Phenomena to the World to Wake Up Sentient Beings

By Jian Xin

PureInsight | June 10, 2008

[PureInsight.org] This May is predestined to be an unusual month. Various events arose one after another in China.

The biggest event, of course, is the catastrophic earthquake in Sichuan province.

Another hot topic is the various strange phenomena related to the
earthquake. For example, from the aspect of weather, there was an
earthquake cloud; from the geologic aspect, water changed color and
lakes disappeared; animals also acted strangely prior to the
earthquake, etc. Among these strange occurrences, the phenomenon that
thousands of toads poured into the street really caught people's

On May 9, it was reported on the Internet that prior to the Sichuan
earthquake, thousands of toads crossed the street in Mianzhu City,
Sichuan province. However, officials there told the public that this
was normal and it had nothing to do with the impending earthquake. They
said that the toads might be moving to find a better place to live,
which was good for them. Three days later, the earthquake struck and
buildings collapsed all over the province. Recently, it was reported
that numerous toads were on the move in some other cities in China.
Having learned from the Sichuan quake, people in those cities became
panicky. May 27, Qingdao City Newspaper reported thousands of toads
crossed the street in Pingdu City. A photo of the scene was also
published with the report. It looks the same as the toads crossing the
street in Mianzhu City! Some experts said this was due to the weather
being too humid these days. However, who would believe those "experts"
words? People in Qingdao City were scared that an earthquake might
happen there. The Earthquake Bureau in Qingdao City tried to calm
people saying that according to their data analysis everything was

On the same day, at Pinglidian district in Laizhou City, which is very
near Pingdu City, it also happened that over one hundred thousand toads
crossed the street. The local TV station and people from the
Meteorology Bureau went there and made video recordings of the scene.
But no news was reported. The news was also censored on the Internet.
But local residents confirmed the news was reliable. Students in
schools there were warned about the possibility of an earthquake.
People there became jittery at the mention of an earthquake. Moreover,
the weather there was unusual. The sky was yellowish, which was
different than normal. This was also a hot topic among local residents.

These strange phenomena are messages from compassionate Divine Beings
to human beings. Any abnormal phenomenon, especially on a large scale,
is to remind human beings to think deeply about why these things
happen. Generally, a strange phenomenon is followed by a big event. The
event could be good, could be bad. Of course, people don't want to see
bad things happen. But unfortunately, most of the time, catastrophe

Human beings suffer from the catastrophe. Human beings need to think,
why it is we who suffer? Could it be that we did something wrong? Of
course! As the old saying goes, "Good will be rewarded with good, and
evil will meet with retribution." This is a universal law of nature.

In Laizhou City, it was said that the local government illegally
arrested many Falun Gong practitioners in the name of ensuring the
safety of the Olympic Games. The local government has been running a
so-called "brainwashing class," where they illegally take Falun Gong
practitioners into custody to make money off them and their families.
They treated Falun Gong practitioners as enemies. However, as we know,
Falun Gong practitioners strive to be good people, to be unselfish
people who are for the sake of others and for society. If one cracks
down on good people, that person must be evil. And evil will be
punished for sure!

More and more reports said that during the Sichuan earthquake, Falun
Gong practitioners and those who had quit the Chinese Communist Party
(CCP) were all safe. Their relatives also benefited. Of course, those
news reports were all censored in China. But how could the darkness
keep out the light of truth? People would learn the truth from various

So, is everything clear now? Divine beings warn us again and again.
Their purpose is not to make human beings suffer, but to wake up human
beings to seek the truth, to seek the life and the world where they
should live. The future for those who follow and believe the CCP is
very dangerous. The CCP has already paved the road to the hell for
itself. What it is doing now is just dragging more people down with it.
So how would you choose your future?

The sky is yellowish, the ground is shaking,

Toads crossing the street scaring people.

No need to hide to avert the catastrophe,

Quitting the CCP is the way to go.

Pray safety, seek truth,

Remember Falun Dafa is good!

Good and evil are both recorded by Divine Beings,

The day when it is all publicized, the CCP will be disintegrated.

Don't be buried with the dead CCP.

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