The Beauty of Divine Performing Arts

Guan Ming

PureInsight | April 7, 2009

[] Because of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) unreasonable interference and obstruction, many of my friends still haven't seen the Divine Performing Arts show. However, some of them have watched the promotional video or seen photos on the Internet. Every time I’ve talked about the show, they all looked forward to being able to watch the performance as soon as possible. I totally understood their feelings. The Divine Performing Arts performance expresses a pure compassion and pure beauty derived from heaven. Divine Performing Arts is the reappearance of divinely inspired singing and dancing. Its elegance and purity are beyond what human words can express; only those who have watched the show live can grasp its meaning.

The performances by Divine Performing Arts are not only the world’s grandest cultural celebrations, but they also represent 5,000 years of Chinese traditional culture, bestowed by gods. If you don't go to the theatre to watch it, there is no way you can appreciate the elegance, the beauty, and the purity descending from heaven. The beauty of Divine Performing Arts lies not only in the costumes, backdrops, tranquil and sonorous singing, expressive music, or the dancers’ graceful movements. Each performer carries in their heart the desire of merciful salvation for the audience. After I watched the show, a friend asked me my impression. I thought for a while and said, “Divine Performing Arts is different from any other performance because it not only shows the beauty of music and dance, but also saves people using the form of arts.” So, to be more accurate, a Divine Performing Arts production is like divine beings performing on stage while human beings watch.

The performers are like celestial beings, coming down to the human world. Their lofty heavenly clothes have amazed top fashion designers, who have admitted that the performers’ clothes are much better than what they have designed. The unique backdrops are also like a vision from a glorious and magnificent heavenly scene. The sky is pure blue without any other color; the green water is flawlessly green; the plum blossoms are so brilliant that they look real. Whether it is depicting rocks, mountains, green grass, fresh flowers, a magnificent landscape, or a scene in heaven, each backdrop resembles a delicate and beautiful scroll painting.

If we think deeply, we see that even the world’s leading artists can only sense the surface of the Divine Performing Arts’ beauty. The lofty realms that the Divine Performing Arts performance embodies and the enormous compassion that Divine Performing Arts expresses are far beyond description. Everyone who has watched the Divine Performing Arts show is blessed. This blessing is a reward from the gods to those good people who still have a conscience; it is the gods’ compassion toward human beings. The beauty of Divine Performing Arts is the beauty of heaven! It expresses a pure compassion and pure beauty that is beyond anything in the secular world!

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