"Brushing Off the Enshrouding Dust": The Ancient Atlantic Continent

By Xiao Lian

PureInsight | June 23, 2008

[PureInsight.org] Ever since I
was a child, I have been very interested in archeological and
geographical findings. In particular, I paid great attention to studies
of the rise and fall of civilizations and the lessons one could draw
from them. I had to keep my mind open and "advanced" in order to accept
research findings from various fields of study. Paying close attention
to the rise and fall of civilizations and drawing lessons from them
appeared to be my hobby, which enabled me to write many articles on
life and history. Many times when I felt that I did not have anything
more to write about, within a few days, new ideas or inspiration made
me pick up a pen again to write about my insights on life and history.
A sense of responsibility coming from the bottom of my heart drove me
to keep writing. When facing many obstacles and critics, I would first
search internally. After I had eliminated any impurity or selfishness
in myself, I would smile and then keep writing my understandings...

In some Chinese newspapers and popular science magazines, a few
sentences can be found talking about the lost civilization of Atlantis.
Today, I will talk briefly about the catastrophe that destroyed

Modern scientists believe that a continent named Atlantis once existed
at a location between the Eastern shore of America and Western Europe.
A Greek philosopher once said that Atlantis' civilization was a
powerful empire on the sea, a large naval power that had attacked Crete
in ancient Greece. As cultivators, we have learned from Master's
lectures that Atlantis once was the most advanced civilization in the
West. Based on what I know so far, that empire was indeed very powerful
during its peak of great prosperity. How to describe it? Let me put it
this way: to them, our modern civilization would not even be considered
civilized in comparison to theirs, likely seen as even less than

Their cities were made of crystals with high clarity and transparency,
the most frequently seen was diamond. The clothes they wore were not
made from common fabrics, but from something created with the
inspiration of the creatures living in the deep sea and on the land.
Everything in that land, including the realm of existence of lives and
their culture, was laid out by gods based on people's moral standards.

Those people had actually almost gone beyond the human level. As long
as their Xinxing (mind-nature) met the standard, many things would
happen at will. For example, in order to eliminate pirates, they sent a
naval force to the sea and did not suffer any losses in the face of
strong the winds and huge waves, whereas the pirates' ships were
capsized and sank into the sea even when the water was calm.

That civilization was passed down from the gods and it could truly
allow for society and morality to develop together. The people followed
the rules set by the gods. Of course, anything that fell onto the Earth
would deteriorate. Some social connections were developed among people,
which led to friction and conflicts. If people could handle these
issues correctly, the gods would give them wisdom, and they would enjoy
"special treatments" and glory that other people did not have. To give
an example, it may have been similar to the case such as where if a
person knew how to build a bicycle, he thus would enjoy the convenience
and satisfaction that the bicycle brought to him.

They had made great achievements in space travel. They rode in
spaceships powered by a special fuel to travel to other planets and
left their marks (they carved sculptures on stones to demonstrate that
they had been there). I am not able to say more, please forgive me.

The development of the Universe has been for today, just these several
years of the current time period. The Universe has been through a long
history and had numerous civilizations that experienced various trials
and hardships. The purpose of their existence was for the spreading of
the principle of the Universe today, helping people to make a choice,
either taking the side of Fa-rectification or being against
Fa-rectification. Nobody deserves to be the enemy of the Great Law. But
when it comes to making a decision between the two sides, this is a
life or death issue.

Therefore, the modern civilization started to develop and became
prosperous. Since the main stage of the big play is set in China, the
gods have thus systematically arranged the Oriental culture to be rich
and in-depth with a long history of civilization. They also let it
inherit things from the previous civilization so that it had a high
starting point. In contrast, Western civilization is not the main stage
of the big play, and its development is to show another way of life
when people are waiting for the spreading of Dafa. To make it clear,
Western civilization is here to support Oriental civilization.
Therefore, it was not allowed to leave a highly advanced prehistoric
culture to the Western society. Then what to do with that previous
civilization? Make it disappear.

But making a highly advanced civilization disappear was not easy to do,
not because the gods were incapable, but because anything the gods
would do had to have a "reason." Without this reason, they could not do
it, or even they themselves could fall.

When it came time for Atlantis to disappear, very quickly people's
morality declined drastically - jealousy among people became severe and
they would do anything to satisfy their selfish desires. In addition,
they felt that they were more capable than the gods and thus no longer
respected the gods and became wildly arrogant, going around to invade
other countries.

At noon on a beautiful day, huge sea waves over one hundred meters high
suddenly appeared on the horizon, accompanied by a hurricane and a
massive tsunami, along with the violent rise and fall of the sea floor.
Before people could react, the city made of crystals sank to the bottom
of the Atlantic Ocean. All the glories associated with this
civilization became beautiful legends. With the passage of time, people
gradually forgot about it completely.

In the last century, some scientists have found traces of this
civilization through various approaches, and the postulation and
guesses have started to spread among people again...

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2008/6/17/53349.html

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