Brushing Off the Enshrouding Dust: What Merchant Traders Have Seen in the Desert for Thousands of Years

By Xiao Lian

PureInsight | July 14, 2008

[] As merchant
traders crossed the expanse of desert, following the Nile River to the
Mediterranean Sea with camels carrying loads of merchandise, they would
often stop and stare at the great pyramids in awe. Human beings have
been ignorant of the true origin and function of the great pyramids for
a long time.

The great pyramids are evidence of pre-historic culture. Civilization
has appeared more than once in the Earth's history. These civilizations
were not all the same; the humans of different civilizations looked
quite distinct as well. In a period long before the current period of
civilization, there lived humans who were five meters (sixteen feet)
tall. Their science was advanced, and their astronomy was no exception.
Also, where now there is desert, at that time there were mountains all
around covered with lush trees and flowers.

So why did they build the pyramids? Their science could be
characterized as a mechanical science, which means that they used
mechanical devices as a source of convenience in daily life. They also
boasted an advanced space science, sending manned spacecraft to outer
space for exploration and travel. For this they needed a navigation
system, and the great pyramids were built for this purpose. So why does
the aperture at the top of one pyramid point towards Sirius? The reason
is that their culture originated from the "Dog Star."

As the scientific and moral components of the culture that developed on
the planets around Sirius became disproportionate, human conflicts
developed between people and man could no longer meet the basic
standards of being a human. As the resources of their star were about
to run out, people there started to move to other locations in the
universe. Although they found Earth to have a friendly environment very
supportive of life, higher beings in the universe could not allow them
to flock to Earth in multitudes, since they were humans destined to be
eliminated. But, in their own way, they passed on their culture and
science to the people on Earth. To honor their origin, the top of the
pyramid was built pointing toward Sirius.

People today are less than two meters tall and we build skyscrapers. It
stands to reason that men five meters tall would use much larger
mechanical equipment and find it relatively easy to move huge stones.
As a result, constructing the pyramids should not have been very
difficult for them. In history, the pyramids were meant to leave a
puzzle for humankind today.

At that time, when the men who built them set their mind on the
building process, as the character of the construction workers and
those who were in charge of the construction project reached a certain
level, wonders would happen. For example, if they became worried
because they could not lift some of the gigantic stones, the next day
they might find the stones were in place.

Many years after the construction of the great pyramids was complete,
the morality and virtue of the people deteriorated to such a level that
they could not be allowed to continue. The continent sank to the bottom
of the ocean and that civilization ceased to exist along with that
mankind. Later, the movements of the continental plate lifted the plate
up from the bottom of the ocean until it rose above sea level. Since
this movement brought with it a lot of sand, and as the area is
tropical and windy, a desert came into being. In order for culture to
develop there, the gods "drew and dug" a river, the Nile.

Civilization developed anew in the area. Men at the time thought it was
a good idea to keep dead bodies in the pyramids, so they put the bodies
into the great pyramids and built many smaller pyramids that mimicked
the gigantic ones. As such, this has confused historians and their
progeny alike.

It may not have occurred to us that all of these arrangements were
actually made by higher beings. Some of the arrangements were
constructive and others were negative and confusing. As someone who
knows the history of the great pyramids reveals the truth to mankind
today, people will hopefully start to have a new perspective when they
look at these wonderful buildings that have stood alone in the vast
desert for thousands of years.

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