Brushing Off the Enshrouding Dust: Witness to History

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | January 12, 2009

[] During the holidays, my friends and I visited a history museum. I enlightened to many new understandings during this visit and would like to share my thoughts about this experience.

In order for today’s people to be immersed in the vast and mighty compassion from Gods and Buddhas, Gods arranged everything in detail over a hundred million years ago. When the previous earth was created two hundred million years ago, some gods scattered the seeds of trees from their world on the earth, while some other gods put their species on the earth. Some matter itself was the debris left after a world was disintegrated. For example, it could have been a huge rock or piece of planet containing many lives, which was then deposited on earth. Since they were originally from the heavens, they were relatively resistant to rotting and so they became fossilized.

I believe that fossilization was arranged intentionally by the gods for the purpose of leaving a record for today’s people so that when they saw the fossils, they might be touched by the difficulty of life back then.

Big dinosaurs have now become fossils lying there quietly, telling us about how and why they really lived. Although today’s people understand it differently, the dinosaurs were actually tamed by human beings back then, and their relationship to mankind of that time was just like our relationship to cows and horses today. You see, human beings were at that time several meters tall. Dinosaur eggs could actually have tasted better than today’s chicken eggs and a person back then could usually eat four or five dinosaur eggs.

Why did human beings become extinct along with the dinosaurs? It was because the natural resources on earth were limited and those giant human beings and dinosaurs consumed too many of them. Therefore, many disasters occurred to eliminate them, including the shifting of the continental plates, volcanic eruptions, and ice ages.

Geologists today know that tens of millions of years ago, earth experienced several global ice ages. Few species escaped from the disasters. Actually, this was arranged by gods. Let’s think about it. The gingko plant is today known as a “living fossil” that actually survived the ice ages. According to ancient legend, it is a plant that originated in a Bodhisattva’s world. One day, when a senior Bodhisattva was teaching the Fa to other junior Bodhisattvas, she mentioned that it was their sacred duty to create opportunities for future human beings on earth so that when the Dafa of the cosmos was taught there, humans would be able to understand it. She told them that this would require a long time (earth time) to gradually lay the foundation. If a being could contribute to it, that being would be doing the most beneficial thing in the universe for all sentient beings.

At the moment she said this, a leaf fell from the gingko tree. The Bodhisattva held it in her hand and said mercifully, “If you want to go, I can send you, but you must realize that the environment there is extremely harsh. I can only take care of you if you hold onto your righteous thoughts and never lose them!” The leaf agreed, so the Bodhisattva flipped her hand and the leaf transformed into a seed and fell to earth. Some years later, it grew into a big tree and reproduced and became a species. The gingkos kept Bodhisattva’s words in mind and were very kind to other beings. The trees provided shelter to birds and small animals who liked to play or build nests in or near them. When the temperature fell and snowstorms came, they became concerned about their birds and animals. However, many birds and animals died because of the cold and the trees were very sad. Before those birds and animals died, they thanked the trees for their kindness and shelter. The trees said it was only the Bodhisattva’s kindness that they were expressing. The gods who arranged these hardships were moved upon hearing this. So, the gods made some cracks in the icebergs in that area, and since the trees were cold-resistant (as arranged by the Bodhisattva originally), they survived the ice age and thus witnessed Buddhas and Gods’ mighty compassion.

While I recalled this, I thought of the ginkgo fossil. Although they became fossils, the lines were still there. The strength of character was still there. No matter whether they were decorated by human beings or not, whether they were put upright or on the ground, their imprints told people the vicissitudes of history and of the Buddha’s creation. If a person who can understand this meaning comes upon them, they will say, “We came all the way here for this moment. When we descended, we knew there would be tribulations. Today, we are using this old way to guide people to understand that everything that has happened on earth was arranged for this moment. We came here for the Fa! Even if we were smashed to pieces, we would still show history to people. Now our wish has been fulfilled!”

I couldn’t hold back my tears when touching those ancient fossils. It was as if I saw the ancient sky, earth and the living beings. After a while, I awakened from my daydream and turned my attention to the history of this period of civilization.

Scholars call mankind’s development the “Trilogy of Barbarism – Savagery – Civilization.” It seemed to me that the exhibits inside the cabinets were pieces that witnessed what our ancestors gave to us and that witnessed the process of how humans became the gods that are walking today in the human world. They told the story, step by step.

I was amazed as I looked at the stone implements of the Stone Age, the bronze ware of the Xia Dynasty and Shang Dynasty, the iron ware of the Qin Dynasty and Han Dynasty, copper ware from the Song Dynasty and Yuan Dynasty, and the china ware of the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. Although they were all made by human hands, many of them were just like things from different realms and different worlds in the heavens. For example, both the ancient cauldron from the Shang Dynasty and the big round china plate with the decorative pattern of clouds existed in heaven. This was given to man because many gods wanted to help mankind move forward to become civilized, and it was also because gods wanted to present the things from their worlds to be part of this history and to pave the way for the universal Dafa. The gods gave wisdom to those people who had high moral standards and gave them hints about how to make things from the materials on earth. Meanwhile, this also helped people to live colorful and rich lives while waiting for the moment Dafa was to be spread.

Speaking of being colorful and rich, the folk handcrafts and arts handed down from generation to generation, such as weaving, soft pottery, paper-cutting, stone inscription, wood carving, etc., all had the same origin and served the same purpose. These were all various gods’ wisdom. Without gods, there wouldn’t be humans, not to mention civilization.

Actually, everything on the earth came for the Fa! And this included the museum exhibits. Each exhibit had its own story, no matter what story it was. Just as long as it could make it all the way until today, to the moment when Dafa was being spread in the human world, its effort was not in vain.

When we walked out of the museum, I kept wondering why the historical and cultural atmosphere in this area is so strong. This area is not like the Yellow River, where the Chinese civilization originally came from. I think it is because gods saw a lot of potential in the people of this area and knew that they had a lot of potential to obtain the Fa. Therefore, they left a lot of relics that could serve as a witness to history. Of course, there were certainly many other reasons that I have not yet enlightened to.

Since countless gods presented their things here, aren’t today’s people representatives from those worlds? They have suffered through countless reincarnations in this human world just for the sake of being saved by Dafa today. As long as they can be saved, wouldn’t the worlds that they represent and the beings that inhabit those worlds be saved?

On the other hand, as beings who have already obtained the Fa, we Dafa disciples must fulfill our missions. This was the greatest trust placed in us by countless gods from remote ancient times. This was the hope that all the sentient beings looked forward to for thousands of years. This was the grand pledge that we made before we came down to the human world!

Looking back at the ancient blue bricks and bells, I put my palms together and thought in my heart, “Although you have experienced wind and rain in the natural world, experienced the ups and downs in the human world, you finally carried the truth of history to the present day, and you are now witnessing the most unforgettable period of human history!”

Cherish this, children of gods! Don’t refuse the truth that you have been seeking for thousands of years! You have experienced a lot of hardships just waiting for this moment to arrive! You know that only true compassion can stay forever in the new universe.

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