Some Understandings on the Beijing Olympic Games

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PureInsight | January 12, 2009

[] Before the Beijing Olympic Games, there were many prophecies and theories that foretold that the CCP would end during the Games. Some people even used supernormal abilities to foresee the disasters that would happen during the Beijing Olympics. However, the Olympic Games were held as scheduled and those disasters did not happen. This puzzled many people. What are the reasons behind this? Our Fa-study group discussed this many times. Below are some of our recent understandings.

As we know, in order to have a clear understanding, we need to look at the whole picture and not just transient superficial phenomena. On the issue of the Beijing Olympics, many people often focus on the result instead of the process, which leads to some misunderstandings. On the second day after the Olympic Games started, Russia invaded Georgia. The Olympics thus no longer represents peace. Instead, it has become just a sporting event. There were also forgeries at the opening ceremony as well as faked athlete ages during the games. This means that the CCP has lost confidence. Despite the large number of gold medals they won during the Olympics, China is still not a strong nation in sports. Instead, too much spending on the Games triggered anger from the public. In addition, the stock market in China went down dramatically during the Olympics. The CCP even announced a plan to promote the growth of the economy. That is to say, the Olympics did not yield good results but instead exposed many problems.

After the Olympics, rather than the predicted booming economy, there was economic crisis. The sub-prime mortgage problems arose in the U.S., followed by a financial crisis spreading to the entire world. The news of poisonous baby formula exposed hidden problems, and many stores around the world have had these products removed from their shelves. Many companies in China closed, and the Chinese economy is on the verge of collapse. Why is this?

Through studying the Fa, we know that according to the Theory of the Five Elements, things are regenerating each other and suppressing each other. This also applies to the human society. In the arrangements of the old cosmos, the CCP would have ended during the Beijing Olympics. This is why some people foresaw disaster during the Olympics. However, prior to the Olympics, many nations in the world were supportive of the Beijing Olympics and a large amount of money was invested there. The CCP's vicious strategies were fully exploited. One example was that the CCP used more than 3000 missiles to block the rain. Such attempts are doomed to be punished by heaven. After the performance of the Olympics, the CCP went into decline. Just like what Teacher has said, "Of the people in the world, there are a lot of heads of big corporations, and I can tell you, they had a wish in their previous lives to make money to use for Dafa. They've now become lost, and not only have they not given it for Dafa to use, they're using it for evil" (Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference). Many people made investments in China, which to some extent helped the CCP to persecute good people. This is a sin. The manifestation of this is the financial crisis. When people support the persecution to make more money, they will lose money. With less money input from outside, the CCP's big spending on the persecution will surface and people will notice this. They will see that the CCP has used enormous financial resources to persecute innocent Falun Gong practitioners, those who went to appeal because of mistreatment, etc. The CCP is the opposite to people's interests and is actually an evil specter that rules and controls people. This will be revealed to the world clearly.

According to the principles in the old cosmos, it is absolute that however much sin one commits is how much that person has to repay. During this Olympics, many nations' heads of state attended the event on behalf of their people. As a result, a large number of people would be punished in the form of wars, accidents, or crisis. However, Dafa is compassionate and has boundless wisdom. With so many possibilities of disasters, Dafa may turn things in a positive direction, and so far, not many people have been punished. The CCP is good at covering up disasters in order to cover up its own wickedness. However, it cannot avoid disasters. The current financial crisis is one example.

Why did this financial crisis start in the U.S.? We all know that as the most developed nation and most powerful nation, the U.S. has the most ability to regulate the economy. We also have come to understand that according to the old forces' arrangements, the U.S. plays the role of the “international police.” However, the U.S. did not do well and acquiesced to the evilness of the CCP. Therefore, it served as an accomplice to the CCP, and the gods would thus deprive the U.S. of its honor and fortune. As a result, the U.S. is becoming weaker. Other nations involved in the persecution are facing a similar situation. This is the evilness of the old forces: dragging the entire world into the CCP's trap to destroy them.

Seeking money is an ideology accepted by many people in the world today. When people are having such thoughts, it is very hard for them to see the truth. In many religions, rich people are also considered most difficult to save. However, many people had predestined relationships with Dafa and had the wish to help Dafa. How can we not save these people? In this worldwide financial crisis, a rich person can become a poor one overnight. This crisis offers an opportunity for them to be saved, since people may calm down and realize that there are more important things than money. In addition, in this crisis, people will come to know that the CCP is the most corrupt, dictatorial regime, and it is the root of many social problems.

After these discussions, we became clearer that what has happened after the Olympics is creating opportunities for practitioners to save people on a larger scale, and it is not the ending of Fa-rectification. We should become more diligent.

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