Lotus Flower Blossoming on the Back-Cover of Zhuan Falun

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | April 2, 2013


Amazing heavenly book Zhuan Falun
Lotus Flower on the back-cover blossoming
Such divinity attracting people of destiny
Buddha’s Fa manifesting in this world.

The lotus flower image on the back-cover of Zhuan Falun appeared ready to bloom when the book was first released to the public in China in 1994. As time went by, the lotus flower appeared to be blossoming more and more. Right now, the lotus flower appears nearly in full bloom. More than 100 million copies of the book have been printed and many people have been astonished by this miracle.

A lotus flower image printed on the back-cover of a book—nothing could be simpler than that. Yet, as time goes by, it appears to gradually blossom by itself—isn’t this a miracle? Isn’t it showing the world that something is going on? Shouldn’t people start to reflect and awaken from their stupor? Such divinity is also a complete blow to the atheistic propaganda systematically carried out by the evil Chinese Communist Part (CCP). It is the best and strongest rebuttal to those slanderous libels thrown at Falun Dafa by the CCP.

People have also witnessed the “three divinities:” 1) The “CCP’s demise stone” (an ancient stone in China showing Chinese characters indicating the demise of the CCP), 2) the “hidden words egg” (a fossilized egg with hidden Chinese characters inside) and, 3) the mysterious Udumbara flowers. All these amazing things, together with this lotus flower miracle, are telling the world that something is going on. As Dafa practitioners, we know what lies ahead. As the Fa rectification progresses even further, people can expect to see even more astounding miracles in this human world!

These things are seriously telling people: wake up, follow the will of heaven, bring out your righteous thoughts towards Falun Dafa, see through the evil nature of the CCP and quit any membership or associations with it, and pave a solid way ahead for your own bright future!

As all the religions are going through their dharma-ending period in this last period of Havoc, the divinity of the lotus flower from Zhuan Falun is undoubtedly showing people of various religions something of great significance. As for Dafa practitioners, the lotus flower is telling us that we must cherish our cultivation experiences during this period of historical significance. We need to study Zhuan Falun even more diligently as it is the only thing that can guide us back to our original realms; it is the most treasured book in this world that can save all sentient beings!

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/114484

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