Purifying Water from Different Dimensions

PureInsight | February 16, 2009

[PureInsight.org] We know that water is the source of life and that it exists everywhere in our world. Nowadays, science has proven that every substance contains water, including iron and stone. However, because the amount of water contained in each different substance varies, the manifested material is also different.

It is our belief that water possesses spiritual attributes and is affected by its surrounding environment. Water will be more pure in a cleaner environment than in an unclean one. Japanese scientists have conducted many experiments on water. From observation, they have discovered that water molecules manifest in a beautiful pattern and structure if they are being praised and admired. In another experiment, these Japanese scientists asked people to send positive messages and thoughts toward a cup of impure water from far away. They discovered that these positive messages and thoughts from the human brain helped to purify the water in the cup.

Nevertheless, water in different dimensions differs. We have all learned that water freezes into ice at zero degrees Celsius in this atmosphere. At the same time, it has been discovered that the water contained in animal cells does not follow this rule, as it is still in the form of liquid at temperatures below the freezing point. This important discovery has pointed out that water in our daily life and water in cellular spaces are somewhat different, but also has demonstrated that perhaps smaller substances are harder to transform.

Seventy percent of our bodies are composed of water, and human bodies are made of cells. Nowadays, the environment has been polluted by industry; people are living in anxiety and under lots of pressure. The moral standard has declined over the decades. These negative effects have strongly influenced the development of the human world. Moreover, they strongly affect our personality and have even affected the quality of human cells. Even when the body undergoes medical treatment, it often does not have a significant impact because healing requires the purification of our mentality.

Recently, I heard that Divine Performance Arts was putting on a show in New York City. I bought tickets right away since I had heard positive feedback about their performances. On my way to the show, something happened that frustrated me and ruined my mood. However, after the performance had begun, I found that my mind instantly became calm and relaxed. I felt a strong energy filling my body, and I felt that my heart was being purified as if by a clear stream. I personally felt the benefit that I know the show has brought to audiences all over the world. Their performance introduced the characteristic of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance, which not only purifies our bodies and minds, but also make us even more kind and compassionate.

Such feelings can only be given by the purification that our respected Master offers sentient beings as he returns them to the origin of their lives in all dimensions.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2009/1/7/57101.html

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