Tales From the Practice of Medicine: Walk Away From the Life of “Patching Up”

Chenguang Song

PureInsight | June 9, 2010

[PureInsight.org] One day my friend and I paid a visit to a Japanese gentleman who was in his nineties. My friend introduced me to the old gentleman and told me that he was a doctor of Western medicine. The old man smiled and said: “Western medicine can’t compare to your Chinese traditional medicine. Chinese traditional medicine pays close attention to providing fundamental solutions to the problem, while Western medicine just patches the problem up on the surface. For example, if any tumor develops inside the body, we just cut it off. This doesn’t solve the fundamental problem. Moreover, the treatment sometimes causes damage to the body.” At that time I noticed the old man had waist pain. After his approval, I pressed several acupuncture points on his ear. He moved his waist a little bit and surprisingly he found that the pain was gone. The next day he called to thank me because his waist didn’t ache for the whole night.


The old man had been a doctor for many years. What he said about Chinese traditional medicine couldn’t be just by accident. At that time, I felt Chinese traditional medicine was so superior to Western medicine. Later on after I met all kinds of patients, I gradually found that although Chinese medicine could achieve a great curative effect that Western medicines could not match, in fact Chinese traditional medicine still didn’t jump out of the scope of “patching up.” The theory of Chinese traditional medicine originated from the Tao School, namely the theories of Yin and Yang and The Five Elements. For example, Chinese traditional medicine says: nourish if one is weak physically, discharge if one is overly full; if the liver has trouble, it will damage the spleen. According to the principles of Yin and Yang and The Five Elements, we can nourish or discharge to balance Yin and Yang, however it still doesn’t solve the root problem.

In fact, birth, old age, illness and death is the law of life. Human beings suffer from illness and old age, which causes medicine to emerge. Medicine can only cure illness or prolong life; it can’t prevent death. From this perspective, it is fair to say that Chinese traditional medicine also just “patches up.” Of course, Chinese traditional medicine is different from Western medicine after all because it originates from the Tao, not only can it cure illness and prolong life, but it also opens the door to the Tao. Many people learnt how to keep good health through Chinese traditional medicine. Later on, they started to cultivate and seek the Tao at higher levels. Only through cultivation can one walk away from the life of “patching up.” Among one hundred million Falun Gong practitioners, many people have had the same experience that in order to heal their illness, they resort to Western medicine. When Western medicine doesn’t work, they see a doctor of Chinese traditional medicine, and when that doesn’t work, they start to practice Falun Dafa. As a result, their illness is healed without any treatment. Falun Dafa allows them to understand that the meaning of life is to return to one’s origin, such that one can walk away from the life of “patching up” and walk the divine path.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2010/4/14/65511.html


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