How Far Away are Those Myths From Us?

Yi Zhu

PureInsight | February 23, 2009

[] While the ancient myths are slowly being forgotten and misinterpreted more and more, disasters continue to manifest one after another. I will refrain from listing the disasters we have had in recent years, as we haven't experienced every disaster that is coming. In fact, we all know clearly that just having good wishes won’t prevent disasters from happening.

Let's recall the myths that have been regarded by many as either make-believe or simply backward, such as the "Red-eyed Lion," "Moses and the Ten Commandments," and the story of "Noah's Ark." When we think that such myths are too far away from us, have we ever noticed that those myths all share a common element? When social morality is degenerated, gods punish human beings through various disasters. However, before disasters occur, gods, in the image of human beings, warn the world about impending disasters. The gods are merciful and want to give human beings another chance, enlightening them to compassion. As a result, those who truly believe in gods can be saved. When people hear such a warning, some believe it, while others don't. In the end, disasters come at their appointed times, and what happens to those who believe is different from what happens to those who don't.

Under today’s human notions, myths seem so far away. The old saying, "good will be rewarded with good, and evil will face retribution," has all but faded from people's minds. Now, with so many recent disasters, have you ever thought: How far away are those myths from us?

Nowadays, countless people don't believe that gods exist, doing what they wish without restraint, committing all manner of crimes. Compared to the evil people in those myths, the behavior of today's people is far worse. It is therefore not surprising that gods punish such people. Natural calamities and man-made disasters can be the process of gods eliminating evil people. On the other hand, maybe because the disasters haven't shocked everyone, some people have the idea of leaving things to chance. They don't realize it is reaching the limit of the patience of the gods! However, there is a group of people who make great efforts to be good people and who understand the warnings from gods, and therefore, selflessly inform others in earnest that a disaster is coming and to save themselves. Think about it, isn't this a repeated warning from the gods? One who believes in the principles of truthfulness, compassion and forbearance cherishes the lives of others.

One may not believe this, even if the gods were to stand right in front of him. Of course, this is one’s own choice.

The reason why I use myths as examples is just to remind people that many myths throughout the ages and from many regions deliver a similar message—that is, a warning from the gods to human beings. I hope everyone can understand that myths are not far away from us, but, in fact, right beside us.

If you understand my words, you won't need to pray in vain through the many disasters, as your life insurance is actually in your hands and your future is decided with a single action—quit the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese Communist Youth League, and the Chinese Communist Young Pioneers, and then you will be immune from those disasters and your life will be saved. Please remember Falun Dafa is good and your life will be blessed.

Be sure not to have wrong thoughts or let your actions result in it being too late to regret when the time comes.

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