Money and Wealth Can Provide Convenience but Can Also Become Chains on the Body

Rongshi, a Dafa Disciple from Overseas

PureInsight | February 21, 2014

[] Master mentioned in Fa Teaching at the 2013 Western U.S. Fa Conference, “Take a look at the people throughout China—such a massive group of people—and you’ll find that practically everyone’s head is occupied with thoughts of getting rich, getting rich quick. The evil Party wants people to focus their minds on this and pay no heed to the things the Party does. With their ever restless minds, Chinese people can’t find peace for even a moment. All Chinese people are like that now. Is that normal? As you know, in the Western world, or in normal countries, people are able to make a living and have a normal job. That’s just part of life. People lead normal lives and find enjoyment in what life serves up. That’s how people are throughout the world, unlike what the Chinese people have been turned into by the wicked Party.”

This passage of Fa from Master touched me a lot. Regarding this current situation of the Chinese, everyone actually has some knowledge of it in the heart. But before Master pointed it out, I also did not realize that it would be severe to this degree. It shocks me. Looking back at myself, I am living the life of a normal person and basically having enough to live comfortably. When I was an ordinary person in the past, I did not place too much attention on money and wealth, or should I say that I did not the motivation to pursue it. After cultivation, I treated money and wealth even more lightly to the extent that caused ordinary people to be unable to understand. After I realized it, I quickly corrected myself and did my best to balance well the relationship between doing Fa-rectification things and work of ordinary people. This way, ordinary people around me pretty much approved. Of course, it is not possible under the current circumstances to have all the ordinary people to be very supportive since they are nevertheless still ordinary people who consider gains to be most important.

During this process, I have also thought about working once and if I made a lot of money, people in my family were accommodated; the pressure for me to do Dafa things would be smaller. But the desire of humans cannot be satisfied. When one goal is accomplished, one will have higher goals and they will be greater and greater. This will not work. Wasn’t there a saying in the past that, “what is included in the fate will be gained eventually; what is not included in the fate should not be pursued.” Even if one spends most of his/her time and energy to pursue money and wealth, he/she might not get them. My human heart of wanting to gain quick money will also affect ordinary people around me and bring greater pressure to myself. As I gradually put down my heart, the environment has also changed and the pressure has become smaller.

Money and wealth can ensure our basic living, bring some comforts to life and save some time. However, money and wealth to practitioners only mean numbers. Of course, having more money can help with projects to clarify the truth and save people.

I also saw that some practitioners paid all their attention to making money, saying it was to support Dafa projects in the future. The kind of diligence under severe persecution has disappeared. I’m really worried for them! It is not wrong to make money but during this current special period, after having enough for living, putting down the projects for saving people and spending time and energy in order to make more money is not worthwhile. It is not a small issue if Dafa disciples are not diligent. The old forces are also watching. It is actually not important whether or not the money and wealth that we put our efforts in to pursue are gained. What is important is the time that Master extended for saving people. It is most painful to Dafa cultivators in the future if it is lost in our hands.

Here, I wholeheartedly thank Master for giving me the opportunity to be able to work in a Dafa project for over ten years. Because the project is consistent and continuous that it runs every week on a daily basis. This impels me not to slack or relax and make my life enriched so I really feel very lucky. If there is no such project, I don’t know if I would become low-spirited over time and go enjoy the comfort of ordinary people.

“Gain” is a very big test for cultivators. To cultivators in the past, it could not even be touched because their Fa was small. We are Dafa cultivator therefore we are not afraid of possessing it but we have to treat it lightly that it is for us to use instead of being cumbered by it. We have to correct some notions of ordinary people instead of being controlled by them. For example, Chinese people nowadays, no matter they are from mainland China or overseas, will think that a person has “mental illness” if he/she does not buy houses if he/she has money. Is this normal? Building a career is merely a way of living whether it is for managing finances or living and it is not the only way. There are many lessons in history that money and wealth can provide many benefits for us but at the same time can become chains bound to our bodies.

Master’s Fa has already explained clearly. We really should reflect on ourselves, change notions of ordinary people, and find back the diligence of the past. Let’s do well in the last part of our journey and fulfill our own oaths through saving sentient beings.

Above is my personal understanding. Please point out anything that is inappropriate.

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