Scenes in Meditation: The Power of the Fa

Recited by Western Practitioner, translated in its entirety by fellow practitioner

PureInsight | March 27, 2014

[] During meditation in the early morning of December 6th, I saw Master carry an incomparably powerful figure to the human realm. No matter where this figure manifested, a huge mass of evil beings at that level would instantly be extinguished from the root to the surface - level by level, struck through lightning, and cleansed to perfection.

I saw that this figure would sometimes charge directly at the evil beings. Other times, it would stay in place and turn rapidly. At first it looked very small, but during the process of spinning it gradually grew large. The energy it emitted was that of an atomic bomb explosion, disintegrating all of the evil’s force at once. Both imposing and majestic, it was an unstoppable force.

These were probably images of the Fa rectifying the human realm in other dimensions. I want to use “shaking to the core” or “astonishing the heart” to describe it. The scenes I saw of elimination in other dimensions were extremely bitter - a spectacle too horrible to endure. Those eliminated were unwanted and unsavable lives - those of black spectacles and rotten ghosts. Also conspicuous were alien beings living among humans.

Those lives that were eliminated had in the past been given many chances to do right, yet in the end they still could not accept it or change their ways. Furthermore, they were attached to doing evil, attached to committing crimes against Dafa disciples. After the evil beings in the human realm were eliminated, the three realms really become as wonderful as heaven. I remember that this was something that Master had mentioned in the Fa.

I saw that the shape of the figure was comparable to that of a shining pillar. On one end of the pillar was a square-shaped diamond; on the other was a double cross. On the side were three spectacles of absolutely pure high energy. This figure possessed the ability to astonish anyone. When I drew this figure out to a fellow practitioner, the fellow practitioner said, “This is clearly, without a doubt, the character “Fa” in “Dafa”!”

After hearing this, I became even more astonished. Chinese characters really are miraculous. Today during meditation, I had learned the word “Fa.” I can even write quite a few Chinese characters, such as “Jing Zhong Bao Guo” (repay the country with supreme loyalty -- patriotism), “Mei Li” (beautiful), and “Long Feng” (dragon and phoenix). These are all characters I saw during meditation. As soon as I came out of concentration, I would hastily copy them down. My method of learning Chinese characters is also very miraculous.

What I felt most deeply today: Master truly came here bringing an omnipotent Dafa with him. Master then took this incomparably precious Dafa, and plainly and clearly entrusted it to us. The Fa-rectification of the human world truly will occur. The most ultimate - saving people, eradicating evil, and establishing a boundlessly beautiful future for mankind: this will all be done by Dafa!

The above is what I saw at my limited level. How the mighty Fa manifests itself at different levels and dimensions is not something I can completely comprehend. Actually, I can’t even thoroughly see a small part of it. I am only someone within cultivation; the things I come into contact with and can comprehend in other dimensions are definitely limited. Furthermore, when using language to express these things, obscurity and poorly used language are difficult to avoid. If there are any inaccuracies, I ask fellow practitioners to kindly correct them. I also believe that after seeing my experience sharing article, new practitioners and practitioners with attachments will be able to rationally and clearly manage themselves, and maintain “take the Fa as the Master” to the very end.

Please allow me to share an excerpt from Master’s “Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Chicago Conference” on practitioners with abilities.

“If these people who have supernormal abilities while they cultivate don't walk their paths well, if they're interfered with today, they develop a crooked understanding tomorrow, and something gets them all in a frenzy and they can't tell up from down the day after tomorrow, then I'll tell you that you haven't walked well the path that's been arranged for you. Such a path has been arranged for you because there are such factors in the cosmos, which have been given to you, and you are entrusted to walk that path. Do you understand what I mean? (Applause) However, a small number of students who have supernormal abilities have failed to live up to their great missions and have not done well. They're smug about the little tiny abilities they have, and their problem even goes beyond showing off, they've even gone on a long detour, some of them have even developed crooked understandings, and still they haven't realized it! You have failed to live up to the great trust placed in you by the cosmos, and that's no minor thing.”

Thank you fellow practitioners! Thank you Master! Heshi!

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