Ukraine Former President Loves Nine Commentaries - ‘Unveiling the crimes of the Chinese Communist Party’

PureInsight | December 11, 2014

[] Nine Commentaries has been translated into 27 languages so far. It is not only popular in international society, but is also one of the favorite books of Ukraine’s first president, Leonid Kravchuk.

Kravchuk said in the exclusive interview with NTD Television that he had not only read Nine Commentaries many times but had also publicly recommended it to the Ukranian people.

Kravchuk said, “After analyzing this book, the first conclusion I arrived at is that this book and its author will change 100 million people’s thinking.”

Kravchuk further explained the enlightenment he obtained from Nine Commentaries, “This book provides a lot of thought-provoking historical data. It not only discloses the evil of the communist party, but also encourages 100 million people to withdraw from the communist party after reading the book.”

He said that Nine Commentaries provides people an opportunity to think more broadly about such issues as protecting human rights, protecting human lives, democracy, freedom, the supremacy of the rule of law, etc. These issues have no value in the world of the communist party and are also completely neglected by them.

Nine Commentaries is like a chronicle. It reveals the ideology of communism in detail, and also presents a great deal of true historical information about the experience of Chinese people in the last hundred years and unveils the shamefulness and cruelty of the communist party.

He said, “When the communist party no longer only represents a system of political views, and can also control people’s fate, its rulers will use the pretext of protecting the communist party to do whatever they want and turn the communist party into a killing machine.”

So he thinks that the communist party should not exist.

He continued, “We need to take action to repeal this criminal system. As said in Nine Commentaries, we need to tell people how many died during the great famine, how many died from hunger, freezing, and persecution. The communist party must be responsible for these crimes and put to justice. We cannot wait any longer.”

According to estimates of historians, more than 100 million people in the world have been killed by communist parties.

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