What Can Move People?

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | October 4, 2015

[PureInsight.org] Liberia's female president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf had been exiled in Guinea three times before she was elected. Each time when she was on the road to death, she thought that one day she would definitely come back to defeat her political enemies. She would make them suffer the same hardships. However, an unusual experience changed her mind.

One day, when she was nearing a village, she suddenly heard gunshots. Her well-trained bodyguard Weser forcefully threw her to the ground. Even though she was saved, the bullet robbed Weser’s life. Later, she found out that the shooter was Weser’s neighbor, a young man named Asa. Asa was bribed to assassinate her.

Thirteen years later, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf came to the village again and saw Weser’s mom sending food to Asa's mom. She asked why, and Weser’s mom responded, “Asa fled 13 years ago without any information. His mom is now sick and impoverished with nothing to eat…” Sirleaf could not help but remind the nice old lady, "But they are our enemies!" The old lady's answer surprised her again, "It’s all over. Repaying unkindness with vengeance can only add more hatred." The old lady's words taught Sirleaf a deep lesson. War-torn Libya needed forgiveness rather than hatred!

Since then, Sirleaf forgave her old adversaries and won the understanding and support from the Libyans. She became the first elected female president in African history.

She made her own future by forgiving and being kind to her enemy. This is the power of forgiveness driven by kindness.

Dian He lived during the Northern and Southern Dynasties. At the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, Dian He was appointed as a high level official in the imperial government. At the beginning of the Southern Qi dynasty, he was appointed to another high level position. However, he refused all of them because he was indifferent towards fame and profit.

Dian He had a free and easy personality and often enjoyed giving to the poor. One day, someone stole his clothing when he passed Zhuquemen Street. He kept silent although he saw it happen. When the thief was caught and sent to him, he gave the clothing to the thief. The thief felt too ashamed to accept them, and only accepted them after Dian He insisted that he do so.

Ancient moral standards were high. By reading the sages' book and knowing the sages' theory, making good use of forgiveness can even move thieves.

What Can Move People?

The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) control over China has destroyed 5,000 years of traditional Chinese culture, abandoning Confucian thoughts and adopting lies and violence to deceive, fool, loot and kill the people. Falun Gong has only benefited the country and people. However, the CCP has denigrated and persecuted Falun Gong using the whole country’s power as well as suppressed the universal values of “Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance”. They attempted to completely ruin humanity’s future by pulling countless people into the persecution ranks.

Falun Gong practitioners did not change their cultivation principles in the face of this unreasonable suppression, persecution, brutal torture and even the unconscionable sin of live organ harvesting for profit by the CCP. They did not change their beliefs in the cultivation principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. To re-awaken people’s mindfulness and conscience, they continued to clarify the truth peacefully and rationally and disintegrate CCP’s lies on Falun Gong for last 16 years. As of July 25, 2015, more than 209.92 million people had announced to quit the CCP, the Youth League and the Young Pioneer on the overseas Epoch Times website. This is the power of truth clarification by Falun Gong practitioners. The Falun Gong practitioners’ sincerity, kindness and tolerance impressed the people and brought great changes to the world.

During the persecution of Falun Gong, those who were most deeply poisoned by Jiang Zemin's secret order were the CCP agents of public security, prosecutors, law system, justice system, national security and armed police. Some of them are still deluded by the CCP's lies. These people will completely lose their futures once the heaven begins to eliminate the CCP. Today, Falun Gong practitioners have completely exposed Jiang Zemin’s persecution of Falun Gong and sued Jiang Zemin to give people another opportunity to choose. This is also a great opportunity for compassionate beings. People who miss it will regret it eternally!

Falun Gong practitioners’ great benevolence and tolerance really move and change people. According to a Minghui report, many kind-hearted people cheered and were greatly satisfied when they heard about suing Jiang Zemin. “We must win the case!” “It’s good news! He should be sued early!” “Jiang Zemin is so evil that he has not done anything good. We must win and send him to trial!” “I agree to sue Jiang Zemin because he is so evil! I would spend jail time to sue him! I am not afraid!” Meanwhile, hundreds of people officially signed a petition in support of Falun Gong practitioners suing Jiang Zemin.

There were also judicial actions taken within public security, prosecutors, law system and justice system. According to a Minghui report, at 9 AM on June 25, Zhongshan district court of Dalian City had an illegal trial against Falun Gong practitioner Wang Xiuxiang. The legal team seemed strong with four judges and four people on the jury. However, these people were all in dressed casually. Wang Xiuxiang sternly told the people, “Falun Gong is not a cult! Our Master told us to be good people by following Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. You tell me what is evil about this? ...... Falun Dafa is the universal Dafa, and our Master is saving sentient beings.” When the court requested her signature at the illegal verdict, the old lady wrote “void.” A female judge said, “You may leave now! Your husband is waiting for you in the hall. Hurry home!”

On May 25, 2015, the second trial of Falun Gong practitioner Wang Xianzhun at Huaiyang County Court ended in ten minutes. He was shouting “Falun Dafa is good!” when he finished trial and went to the car. He was refused by detention centers because his blood pressure was 180 and he had a few other diseases. The Chief Judge of his first trial, Ma Jun, asked him, “Do you want us to send you home or call your family to pick you up?” Wang Xianzhun said, “I will call a taxi.” Later his family picked him up.

A Falun Gong practitioner was kidnapped to a police station in Henan Province while he was distributing truth clarification materials. The Falun Gong practitioner told the police on spot, “Falun Gong is Buddha dharma. In history, people who persecuted Buddha dharma did not have a good ending. I don’t want to push you to the bad side.” Some police nodded in agreement and nobody questioned him further. Later, the police let the Falun Gong practitioner go to have a meal on the streets with no police following. When the practitioner came back after the meal, the police whispered, “Go grab a meal on the streets! Don’t come back!”

When there was interference in delivering an indictment against Jiang Zemin, the post office leadership and staff also used strong righteous thoughts to resist the CCP’s high level secret order persecution. When practitioners asked the Supreme Procuratorate what would happen if the indictment against Jiang Zemin was illegally detained by the police station, the response was, “Sue them.”

When the seas are in turmoil, heroes emerge. People can truly feel Falun Gong practitioners’ great compassion and tolerance as well as understand their behavior when the truth comes out and the prime culprit Jiang Zemin is caught. All Falun Gong practitioners are trying to save more beings before they are destroyed by the CCP.

Today, people already see a stark contrast between good and evil: lies and violence will never change people's minds but will only lose people’s trust and their own futures. The principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" followed by Falun Gong practitioners should be the universal ethical standard to measure good and bad. Precious Chinese people do not repeatedly miss this opportunity. There is an old saying, “Gentlemen do not stand under collapsing walls.” Knowing the truth will grant you a bright future!


Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/node/147091



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