Purity without Selfishness and as Solid as a Diamond without Omission

PureInsight | November 19, 2001

I decided to write an article with this title because these words enable me to understand what Fa-Rectification disciples really are.

I first realized the meaning of “Fa-rectification disciple” when a vision unexpectedly appeared in my head one day. In that vision, we (the disciples) were sitting on top of the clouds and were having a great time doing things for Teacher. We were at the place where our original lives began. The place was holy, pure, unselfish and benevolent and everything there was very beautiful. The happy and complete giving from the depth of our beings was in harmony with heaven and earth and was assimilated to the Fa. At that time, I was so touched by the vision. Also, around that time, local practitioners were talking about clarifying the truth to local Chinese people. Without any hesitation, I decided to start delivering Dafa newspapers door to door in Chinatown.

I have been delivering the newspapers for more than one year now. As time went on, the vision that I saw became fuzzier and fuzzier. Somehow I unconsciously fell into the state of “doing things.” I subconsciously thought: “I don’t want to do this again. I have done it before, and there is nothing new here.” Or “Let’s just end this thing.. This is as far as I can go with it.” I had various impure thoughts, too many to enumerate. I didn’t notice anything wrong until I decided to write an article for Pureinsight. Once I started writing I knew something was wrong. My article was filled with deviated notions from the beginning to the end. I decided to re-read the “Speech by Master Li Hongzhi at the Western US Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference of Falun Dafa.” I came upon the following passage, “In this affair, they have also fully shown the positions of their xinxing after their deviation from the Fa and have fully revealed their impure side. This has resulted in many situations that shouldn't have occurred and all kinds of interference; this is quite similar to the performance of our students' xinxing at present during their own cultivation.” The words “their own cultivation” jumped out at me. Wasn’t it saying that the only way to truly achieve complete purity without any selfishness is to be a Fa-rectification disciple? None of the deviated beings can reach such a state. Any cultivator who engages in only individual cultivation cannot reach that state either. Only our new lives, those which are forming in the midst of Fa-Rectification cultivation, can reach the state of total selflessness without any omission.

Being as solid as a diamond without any omission has another meaning. The beginning of the article “Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples” states: “A Dafa disciple who fails to achieve the effect of safeguarding Dafa has no way of reaching consummation.” What is the meaning of the word “achieve?” It means meeting a certain standard completely or doing a certain thing well. Recently, I have started to feel that the thought of safeguarding the Fa needs to be present inside of our every word and our every action throughout every single moment of the day. The power of such a thought is invincible, impenetrable, everlasting, and never-ending. In Zhuan Falun it says, “The average practitioners or those who just begin to develop gong generate very coarse grains of energy with gaps and low density. Thus, it has little power. When one’s level becomes higher, it is completely possible that the density of one’s energy will be one hundred times, one thousand times, or 100 million times higher than that of ordinary water molecules. The higher one’s level, the denser, finer-grained, and more powerful one’s energy.” In fact, “When your xinxing is upgraded, your gong will increase.” My understanding is that the only way for us to “achieve” anything is to have our hearts and xinxing reach the required standard. A disciple who is as solid as a diamond has the power to topple any mountain. By that point, things like “selfishness” or the “sense of self” are no longer issues. Without the sense of self, where does selfishness come from?

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