Three Withdrawals Help Me Escape the Deadly Tianjin Explosion

Jue Juan

PureInsight | December 6, 2015

[] My name is Xiao Tong and I live in Tangshan City. On August 12, 2015, my two friends and I went to collect a debt from a company at Tianjin Binhai new district which is close to the Ruihai Logistics Company. We went directly to the company without contacting them first, because it was only an hour’s ride, however, the manager was out and would not be back until evening. We had to stay overnight and collect the payment the following day.

After dinner, we visited the busiest street in Binhai returning to the hotel around 9pm when my family called to say my one-year-old son needed to see a doctor, because of a sudden severe tummy ache. My girlfriend had to take care of the two kids and wanted me to take my son to see the doctor so she could stay home to take care of my five-year-old daughter. Immediately, we checked out and returned home. However, my son was fine by the time I arrived. I felt sorry because I was unable to collect the debt we went to get.

The next day, I learned that a deadly explosion at Ruihai Logistics Company happened just one hour after we left the hotel. All hotels near ours were all affected. We had escaped misfortune. Think about it. If something had not happened to my son, I probably wouldn’t have returned. Just one hour later and I could have been involved in the disaster. Why did I escape? I believe it was the three withdrawals that helped me avoid the disaster in the Tianjin explosion.

Previously, I was against Falun Gong believing the fake propaganda from the radio, TV and newspapers. In March, my father’s friend whom I call uncle, a Falun Gong practitioner, told me the truth about Falun Gong at my son’s one-month-old party. He said Falun Gong is a Buddhist cultivation system of high virtue with miraculous healing effects. It mainly tells people to be good and to think of others. “For businessmen, if you can look from the perspective of customers, you will gradually have a blooming business,” he said. Uncle also told me about the evil of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from the false, evil, violence to murder, to the persecution of Falun Gong, plus the social problems, including corruption and so forth. After that, he told me the elimination of the CCP is foretold by heaven and nobody could stop it. The only way to stay safe is to truly quit the CCP, Group and Team. “Buddha will protect you in a variety of ways once the catastrophic disaster arrives, because the Buddha Fa is boundless,” my uncle continued.

I believed everything my uncle told me. Then I quit the CCP’s Group and Team with my real name. It was like insurance without paying a premium.

The reason I wrote this down today is to tell people to quit the CCP’s group and team. It will really protect you when a catastrophic disaster comes. I am a true witness.

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