Record of Reincarnation: A Human Body is Hard to Obtain (2)

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | April 18, 2022


This is a story about a little cat.

I was living at one of my girlfriend's relative's places. A really cute and active cat lives in her house. Whenever we practice the exercises or send forth righteous thoughts, the cat becomes very quiet and lies down nearby. After we finish the exercises, it gets up and continues playing. One morning after sending forth righteous thoughts I wanted to take a nap. Just as I lay down the cat started crazily making sounds. When I heard it making all that racket, I thought, “Would it not be better if I practiced the exercises for an hour instead of sleeping!? So I got up and started practicing. Once the cat saw that I had started to practice the tranquil exercises, it immediately became quiet and stopped making crazy sounds. It became normal and went back to sleep. When I saw this, I suddenly felt sorrow for the cat: Originally it was a high-level being in the universe and ought to have reincarnated as a Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciple, but because it slacked off in cultivation in a previous lifetime, it was not able to obtain a human body during this most critical period of history! How regretful!

I wanted to write down this high-level being’s story to remind cultivators who are slacking off to absolutely cherish every single minute and second of your time. If you let the opportunity slip by, what you will lose is not just the human body and the predestined opportunity to practice cultivation, but possible everything that your life possesses. At the same time, I wish to tell those who do not know the truth that your attitude toward Dafa and Dafa disciples is absolutely critical and will determine whether your life will remain.

In the long process of descending to Earth to obtain the Fa, I passed through many levels within many dimensions in the universe. I came across a multitude of high-level beings who too were descending to Earth in addition to lives who were originally at those various levels. (From this we can see that the predestined relationship between Dafa disciples and everyday people is not limited to different lifetimes on Earth. It is not that simple. Many predestined relationships were formed at high level dimensions. So it is imperative we cherish all these precious predestined relationships.) In one dimension, I came across an amazing high-level being. He was the Fa King of that Vajra World. Once he realized that the Lord Buddha would disseminate the Fa in the human world, the universe's sentient beings would go through Fa-rectification, and only those who assimilated to the Fa would be able to carry on with their existence in the universe, he abandoned his godly halo without the slightest hesitation and descended level by level. At that level where I met him, we repeatedly urged each other to warn and remind the other to be diligent if either one of us slacked off in our cultivation in the human world. We then parted ways as we continued our descent through many layers of dimensions. With great difficulty, we finally arrived at the human world.

The human world is the place where no god is willing to go. This place is brimming with suffering, pain, and impermanence. Furthermore, the human world is a place of delusion, so if one became attached to things after arriving at this low-level dimension, one would have a hard time returning.

We have all reincarnated many times in the human world. I remember in the final years of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) during the time of the Emperor Chongzhen, in an extremely secluded spot in the middle of Mt. Wuyi in Fujian province, that high-level life mentioned above was following his Master to cultivate the Dao. He was about 30 years old at the time. He was quite attached to having fun, and although he was not attached to fame or profit in the human world, he really enjoyed the beautiful scenery on Mt. Wuyi. He would occasionally take advantage of the times when his Master was not paying attention to sneak outside to enjoy the scenery. Even if his Master caught him slacking off, there was nothing he could do. Although his Master repeatedly dissuaded him from such behavior, he never listened.

He was practicing dual cultivation of mind and body, which required movements to cultivate the body. It really required a lot of painstaking effort to achieve the requirements of that cultivation way, but he was afraid of suffering and only wanted to have fun. Sometimes he would stay outside admiring the mountain scenery for hours on end. Finally, his Master let out a deep sigh and said, “Your foundation is so good! Why are you just like a lazy cat? If in this life you treat the issue of success cultivation with such little importance, when the Lord Buddha descends to the Earth to disseminate Dafa in the future, whether you can obtain the Fa will become a big problem!” He listened indignantly and said, “What is so bad about being a lazy cat, sleeping more and lazily getting up whenever one desires? Unlike now, with so much suffering practicing cultivation exercises all day long and listening to the Dao.”

And so, after passing through many lifetimes, that Fa King from the Vajra World reincarnated into a little cat this lifetime. Due to this being's originally pure wish, he was able to remind me not to slack off. Moreover, through this article, he can also call attention to practitioners and worldly people alike: At this most grave juncture in history, absolutely do not slack off. By no means should you become attached to the so-called “beautiful scenery” before your eyes and ruin your future!

By sharing this, I also wish the Fa King from the Vajra World a bright future!

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