Saved by a Miracle from Deadly Bombing in Turkey

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | April 11, 2016

[] On March 13, a car bombing in Ancara, Turkey killed at least 37 people and wounded around 125 others. Local Iranian practitioner Elnaz Hajikhani says her life was saved by a miracle.

Left: Elnaz Hajikhani marked on a screenshot of a video of the March 13 car bombing in Ankara, Turkey. (Screenshot of Youtube/Videocu Kamil); Right: Elnaz Hajikhani. (Facebook picture)

The bombing happened on Ataturk Bulvari Boulevard, near Kizilay Square, in front of the Ministry of Education.

A car, believed to be laden with explosives, detonated adjacent to a bus stop near Guven Park, setting several vehicles on fire, according to NTDTV.

Hajikhani, who studies at Middle East Technical University, was just coming out of the subway and on her way to the exact bus stop where the explosion happened.

“Suddenly I heard a massive explosion. All I could see was a big dark cloud and big red and orange fire balls,” said Hajikhani in an interview with The Epoch Times.

“The escalator I was on had collapsed but somehow I managed to get out. I heard people screaming but barely saw anyone injured or dead. It was impossible to see,” she added.

She remembers Kizilay was unusually busy for a Sunday. “I think it was because of [the] University exam which was held today,” she said.

“I went to school today. I had a lot of delays somehow. If there was no delay I would be one of the people at the bus stop and would be dead by now… I never felt any fear or pain during the explosion. I walked away from the incident calmly,” she told The Epoch Times.

Hajikhani was not seriously injured, but easily could have been. “When I got back home I realized that my knee was bleeding and swollen badly. I have never felt any pain though.”

She believes her life was saved by a miracle, thanks to Master.





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