Cherish the Days that Master Is with us

A Falun Dafa Practitioner from China

PureInsight | April 29, 2016

[] Before and after Chinese New Year, Minghui published “Additional Notice on Putting Up Door Hangers (with Comment from Master),” and “Shen Yun Performing Arts to Stop Providing DVDs to China this Year.” After reading these articles, I thought the communist party culture among Chinese practitioners was really obvious. If this malignant tumor is not eliminated, it will keep harming people. It is pretty much dragging practitioners down. On the other hand, I wondered why are we not listening to the words of Master and cherishing the days that Master is with us?

When I was in college, I occasionally read magazines that used Buddhist stories to inspire people to show kindness and conscientiousness. I really admired the time of Buddha Shakyamuni because the people with him back then were so lucky - they had the Buddha himself to guide them in their cultivation. If they did anything wrong, the Buddha would correct them.

In June 1994, I attended Master's lecture in Zhengzhou, Henan. Although my comprehension was limited, I was sure of one thing - I now have a Master in this lifetime and I have a clear idea of how to conduct myself. It was the feeling a person has when finding their way home after being lost and wandering around for a long time. The joy and excitement was very hard to describe. The night after the lectures ended, I took the train back home. On the train, my tears kept flowing out of tremendous appreciation of Master.

Master has stressed in His lectures “always cultivating as if you were just starting” (Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference”). If we actually did that, the issues in the notices and announcements on Minghui would not have occurred. When I try to recall the cultivation state that I had when I had just started practicing, I can’t remember it clearly. But there is one thing that I do remember clearly - I worked very hard at studying the Fa and doing the exercises. At that time, studying the Fa was already equivalent to memorizing the Fa for me. I would look to principles in the Fa when problems occurred. Although I didn’t do too well at passing tests, I had a clear idea of what’s right and wrong.

In fact, the lectures from the great enlightened beings of the past were not as clear as Master’s Fa, in which every sentence is a heavenly secret. They also didn’t give as much as Master has.

Master said in Zhuan Falun,

“Our discipline right in this tense environment has the real you get gong, and that’s why we need to conform to how ordinary people are as much as possible. We don’t have you really lose any material things. But right here in this material environment you have to improve your character. That’s what’s convenient about it. Our discipline is the most convenient, you can cultivate among ordinary people and you don’t need to become a monk or nun. But that’s also what’s hard about it—you cultivate among ordinary people, the most complicated environment. It turns out, though, that’s also what’s good about it, because it allows the real you to get gong. That’s what’s key in our discipline, and today I’ve spelled it out for you.”

Master has given us everything in an unprecedented way and He has been looking after us all along. If we still do not do well, how can we face Master?

Fellow practitioners, please cherish the days that Master is with us. Although Master is in America, His Fashen are looking after us and are by our side at every single moment. Master also keeps publishing new articles on to guide our cultivation. Our cultivation paths are arrranged by Master, and are all heading toward consummation.

But if we do not do well and even interfere with the Fa-rectification, how can we reach Consummation?

The loss incurred by practitioners not doing well has already taken place. History cannot be repeated. As long as Fa-rectification has not ended, we still have a chance to fix our mistakes. Fellow practitioners, please with a calm heart, study the Fa well, look for attachments, eliminate the poisonous communist culture, steadily do the three things well and save more sentient beings.


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