Some Thoughts about Sickness Karma

A Dafa Disciple outside Mainland China

PureInsight | October 6, 2016

[] I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. The next year was the beginning of the persecution. During this time I experienced serious sickness karma. For an ordinary person, it was like an incurable disease. Did I need to go to the hospital? After two to three months battling between an ordinary human mindset and a cultivator’s mindset, my righteous thoughts came out: Dafa disciples do not have illness. I could not help laughing uproariously when I decided not to go to the hospital. Since then, I haven’t had any sickness karma for more than ten years.

However, in October 2015, I experienced a sudden illness tribulation. I had a headache, intense neck convulsions, crooked eyes and only half of my face was working. I couldn’t sleep for about one week because of the pain. At this time, I was then asked for help by a practitioner from a neighboring city on Shen Yun promotions. I said that I couldn’t help out right now. The other practitioner said I would get better when I came out, I then decided to go and help. While I was there, the intense pain kept me awake the whole week. I had to practice, send forth righteous thoughts and listen to Master Li’s lectures in the middle of the night when I could not sleep. I knew I must have a big loophole that the old forces were taking advantage of. I looked inwards and found lots of attachments including resentment, jealousy, lust and party culture etc. I tried to eliminate those by sending forth righteous thoughts, but it had no significant effect. I begged Master, “Master, I don’t know where I did wrong; but I have to promote Shen Yun. Please help put my eyes back to normal!” Amazingly, half of my face went back to normal and I could go out and deliver flyers. So the two months’ Shen Yun promotion was not affected.

After the Shen Yun promotion, I spent more time on Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts to rectify myself. However, the crooked eyes and mouth came back again. I knew I still had some attachments, but I was not sure what they were. Then I remembered, before I took up cultivation, a fortune teller told me my health would be really bad after I was 60 years old. After taking up cultivation, my fate was changed by Master. However there was still a little shadow deep in my thoughts. I told my family that someone told me I would be sick this year. Since I practiced, it was not that serious. This idea conformed to the old forces’ arrangement. I finally understood why I was undergoing the long time illusion of sickness karma - it was because I wanted it.

One reason I write this is to expose my incorrect thoughts and to eliminate all imposed interference and tribulations from the evil old forces; and to firmly take the path arranged by Master. I also want to remind practitioners to pay attention when sending forth righteous thoughts to clean up our own space and disintegrate the ordeals imposed on us by the evil old forces.

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