Cultivators Having Pets Is No Small Issue

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | July 6, 2017

[] Several local fellow practitioners have pets. However, having pets is not normal for cultivators. It is a very strong attachment.

Master has said a lot on the topic of cultivators not killing or raising animals. When fellow practitioners pointed this out, they still did not accept it and said, “Animals are beings as well.” They mention Master’s answer to a disciple’s question in Falun Gong: “What should we do if we attract small animals as we exercise?”

Teacher: “Any kind of qigong exercises can attract small animals, so just ignore them, that’s all. It has to do with there being a positive energy field, and that’s especially so with Buddhist qigong, for this gong contains factors that help to broadly save living beings. When our Law Wheel turns clockwise it saves oneself, and when it turns counterclockwise it saves others. It then turns back and starts over again, so everything around us benefits.” Those practitioners misunderstand Master’s Fa about all beings benefitting and tried to hide their attachments to pets by saying that animals also benefit from listening to the Fa.

At this critical moment, there are still many people poisoned by the evil CCP (Chinese Communist Party) that have not been saved. Some of them even came from very high levels but were misled by fame or money in the ordinary world. How sad it is! There are a large group of beings behind each of them. They were considerably more pitiable than those small pets.

Time is very limited. Master said it could end at any time. I know some local fellow practitioners who treat saving people as a daily necessity regardless of the weather. They make and distribute truth documents every day to save people. They have no attachments to food or sophistication, but they save money for Dafa projects. They have no expectations other than to make the materials production site operate normally. They only want to save people.

On the other hand, the fellow practitioners with pets might be wealthier than the practitioners who use money on the materials production site. Because they need to spend more money and time on dogs including pet food, pet grooming, etc. Some even have two, three or more pets. They frequently clean them, cut their fur, and walk them. Whatever they did, their pets were with them all the time even while doing Dafa projects, studying the Fa, doing the morning exercises, or sleeping. It would be crazy for them to lose their pets. They would look for it without following the course of nature. If the pet came back by itself, they would thank Master for his protection. Fellow practitioners, how could you do such a thing? Master only protects true practitioners, not animals. We all know practitioners should not raise or kill animals and that animals cannot listen to Fa. Otherwise, they could gain some abilities and do bad things. You are not protecting them and instead hurting them. One fellow practitioner had contradictions with those practitioners who had puppies because they did not want to leave their puppies. Fellow practitioners, could you leave your puppy when we need to go home with Master? We should know that “a thing is not done until it is done”. We also know from the Fa that there will not be another opportunity if we cannot finish our cultivation this time.

Actually, these fellow practitioners are very diligent in cultivation except for their attachment to pets. Their dogs would bite neighbors, and they had to compensate for it. Don’t you know you discredited Dafa? How could you save beings with compensation? Wasn’t it selfishness? Master said in Zhuan Falun, “Cultivation is something you do right in the thick of tribulations. They’ll test whether you can sever your emotions and desires, and they’ll see if you can take them lightly. If you’re attached to those things you won’t be able to finish your cultivation.” Cultivation is very serious. We should listen to Master as always and believe in Master and believe in the Fa with solid Fa study. No matter what problems we have, we should look inward to cultivate our own thoughts. Then we might be able to finish well in our final step.

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