When Fellow Practitioners Corrected My Exercises

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | November 11, 2017

[PureInsight.org] Once, after sending forth righteous thoughts at our group Fa study, the coordinator said, “Let’s do exercise together and share our experience.”

As we did the second exercise, one practitioner who had suffered a stroke told me that my movements were not accurate and another said that my hands were not aligned. I aligned them immediately. As we did the third exercise, a third practitioner came to adjust my two hands and said, “You need to stand up straight.” Then at the end, I was told by the first practitioner that I should lower my hands a little. I felt so unhappy. I thought that he might have a big problem in his cultivation; otherwise he wouldn’t have had a stroke. How could he always look at others’ problems?

When we did the fourth exercise, the practitioner behind me said, “You should bend your legs here, because Master does that.” I felt uncomfortable again and thought, “You’re a new practitioner; how can you correct me? More than 10 years ago, I was always helping dozens of practitioners learn how to practice.”

When I returned home, I looked inward and felt so surprised by my attachments. I had a strong notion that I had always been better than others. I could eliminate any shortcomings calmly, but refused to accept others’ suggestions. The biggest problem was that I enjoyed pointing out other practitioners’ problems during sharings. My thought at that time was so limited and that I was helping them to practice diligently. What was this attachment? Was I better than others? Those practitioners who really are better than others just do everything calmly.

It’s fairly common to be corrected during exercises. I should be happy and accept it. How could I have so many bad thoughts? For a disciple, minding one’s thoughts is the biggest thing. Small complaints could mean a big difference in levels. When we get together, I have always been a coordinator. What I habitually did was to point out others’ problems, but couldn’t accept any criticism. I have been so selfish, just like the old forces. I thought that there might be something about selfishness existing in this dimension. I said to myself that I must completely eliminate these attachments!


Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/node/238051


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