Take the Way Arranged by Master

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | December 23, 2017

[PureInsight.org] I am sixty-nine years old and I obtained the Fa almost twenty years ago. Under Master’s protection, I successfully stepped over one hurdle after another. I would like to share my cultivation experience at the 14th mainland Fa conference to thank Master’s compassion.

Three years ago, we had a small experience sharing meeting locally. Although I set up time and location with local fellow practitioners early, they didn’t come as scheduled. Some even didn’t express any interest. I was so angry and went to the meeting myself. It took me a while to find meeting location. When it was my turn to share my experience, I decided to leave at the half way. Suddenly, my legs were not stable. I thought I might be disturbed by the old forces. My husband was so anxious when he noticed my condition. I told him it was interference from the old forces to stop my truth clarification.

I believed I was interfered by the old forces because I didn’t pay attention on my Xinxing improvement and complained a lot about fellow practitioners for a while. My attachments to fame came out. Then I sent forth righteous thoughts to deny the arrangement by old forces no matter what attachments I had. I would follow my Master not the old forces.

I studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts with local fellow practitioners together. I could not read but could listen. The old forces always fed me some idea such as “Go to the hospital; otherwise you would be in dangerous.” I remembered Master’s poem Mighty Virtue in Hong Yin, “A great Arhat in the world, Spirits and ghosts greatly fear” I read it every day and could move later. Then I went to clarify the truth even I was drooling in my wry mouth sometime. I only wanted to do three things well without caring what other people were talking about me. When I just came out, my legs didn’t listen. I read Master’s poem Mighty Virtue in Hong Yin, “A great Arhat in the world, Spirits and ghosts greatly fear” and requested Master’s bless to let me save destined people.

At the beginning, I couldn’t speak smoothly. So I clarified the truth slowly to increase my confidence. With Master’s blessing and God’s assistance, I did better and better. Eventually, I didn’t even know I went back to normal. Thanks Master for helping me go through the ordeal.

Put down the attachment to self-interests

I thought I put down the attachment to my son already. However, I cried again when I wrote this exchange.

My younger son went to work abroad at forty-five years old and hasn’t been back for two years. I was told he was sick but not sure if he was ok already. My older son told me, “No worry, nothing happened”. But my younger son’s wife had baby and I still couldn’t contact him. Why he didn’t come back even his wife had a baby. One day, my older son told me that my younger son passed away a few months ago because of liver cancer. I was so shocked and couldn’t breathe. Was it true?

How could I deal with this sudden bad news? For about twenty days, I couldn’t drink and eat. Later in Fa study, I saw red circle at the character of “predestined” relationship. I knew I shouldn’t attach it and understood Master’s words in Zhuan Falun, “Do you want to change other people’s fate? Everyone has his or her own fate!” Practitioners should put down the attachment to the human world. I should take care of live people. I told my daughter in law that I would go to take care of her and the new born baby. She didn’t agree and said she would take the baby to see me when the baby grew up. One day, her sister told me that the company paid my younger son five hundred thousand Yuan. As his parents, I had inheritance. Thinking of my daughter in law, I didn’t know how she would take care of a new born baby. For sure we should take back the money belonging to us. Master wanted us to think for others. I told my daughter in law, “We wouldn’t ask for any money. Please keep the five hundred thousand Yuan to the baby.” I didn’t think about anything else just my poor daughter in law’s later life. She was so touched and said, “Falun Gong practitioner is so good.”

Since then, my daughter-in-law often came back with the child to visit me. We got along very well and I went through it under Master’s help.


Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/node/239760


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