Reject the CCP to Keep Away from the Plague

Tian Lai

PureInsight | August 23, 2020


Rejecting the CCP and keeping away from the plague seem irrelevant, but they are actually related.

In June 2002, a hidden 270-million-year-old character stone appeared in Pingtang County, Guizhou Province. There were six large characters showing “Communist Party of China perish”, and the character “perish” was particularly large and conspicuous. Many scientists went to investigate and concluded that it was not artificial work but instead naturally formed. It can be said that this was God’s will, and God will destroy the CCP. This place has become a tourist attraction, and the entrance ticket for the scenic area has the stone on it.

Many readers raised the question, “How will God destroy the CCP? In what way?” In early 2003, the SARS plague broke out because of the CCP’s international concealment. People in China and the rest of the world did not know how many people died from the SARS plague because the CCP covered up the death toll with lies. It caused the whole world to be unprepared. I do not remember much. I only remember that there were disinfectants in various locations in the county or countryside. Summer quickly came, and SARS disappeared.

Looking back, wasn’t the plague aimed at the CCP? In June of 2002, SARS emerged right after the hidden character stone was discovered. Wasn’t it a warning from Buddha? However, the lesson was not profound because the CCP’s evil was not truly exposed. The CCP simply used evil to control evil. Many years later, in addition to the phenomenon of the heavens eliminating the CCP, the truth of Falun Gong has become even more well known. In late November 2004, the overseas Epoch Times published the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party on its website. It also launched a web page for people to publicly withdraw from the Communist Party, Communist Youth League, and the Young Pioneers. It was an opportunity for people to erase the poisonous vow they made to the CCP’s bloody flag to "dedicate their life to the (evil) party".

People who were deeply influenced by the Party culture thought that “the solemn declaration from the Epoch Times” was too absolute. They did not believe that the CCP would perish so quickly. However, it has been totally different after they suffered from the CCP virus. The CCP’s rogue nature and evil side were totally exposed this time. All Chinese people feel that the CCP’s end is coming. Since this evil party or cult has historically committed heinous crimes against all beings and gods, God must eliminate this demon.

If God instructs someone to eliminate the Communist Party one day, those stubborn and evil Party members will not be forgiven. Our solemn declaration states that all those who have participated in the Communist Party and its other organizations (who have the mark of the evil beast) should quickly quit them as soon as possible to erase the evil mark. Once it is time to eliminate the evil Party, the Epoch Times’ records of withdrawal declarations will be proof.
The guilty cannot escape from the law of the heavens, and there is a clear distinction between good and evil. There are boundaries to world suffering, and a single thought can determine life or death. For those who have been deceived by the evilest cult and who have the beast’s mark, please seize this fleeting opportunity.

If you think about it, this is a chance for salvation given by God and Buddha. People, who believe in the truth of Falun Gong, declare their withdrawals from the CCP on the Epoch Times, and wipe away the evil vow will be able to survive the catastrophe against the CCP. It is the compassion of God and Buddha. It is also the compassion of Falun Gong practitioners who, despite facing huge difficulties, insist on telling people the secret of withdrawing from the CCP to be saved.

People from the mainland are deeply influenced by the CCP culture and cannot exactly understand the CCP’s nature. It is easier for them to accept that Daji was a fox than understand that the CCP is evil. People who read the Investiture of the Gods know the background of the fox and how it attached to Daji’s body. They can accept it because they know the reason. It is more difficult to accept that the CCP is evil because there is no cause. On November 19, 2017, the Nine Commentaries editorial department of the Epoch Times launched a new book The Ultimate Goal of Communism. It revealed the origin of the communist evil spirits, how the CCP has destroyed humanity step-by-step, and the details of the ultimate purpose of the shocking conspiracy. In May 2018, the Nine Commentaries editorial department of the Epoch Times published the new third book How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World. After reading it, I realized that the communist evil spirits are not only cruel to the Chinese but also to humans all over the world. People from all over the world are harmed unwittingly. The CCP’s conspiracy to destroy humanity has surfaced.

Inspired by such truth, if people still cannot accept that the CCP is a devil and that its ultimate goal is to destroy mankind, it will be very hard for them to survive the disaster aimed at the CCP. At the end of 2019, the CCP virus had just emerged and spread in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Along with the misguidance of the World Health Organization who endorsed the CCP, the CCP’s intentional cover-up and connivance led the CCP virus to rage across the world. Moreover, the CCP virus has an obvious transmission route: countries or individuals that are close to the CCP have had the most severe virus cases.

The virus does have eyes and is very specific against the CCP. Although Falun Gong practitioners have repeatedly clarified the truth for so many years, many people still prefer to trust the CCP’s lies. They turn a blind eye to the truth because of their self-interests. Some of them really became sacrifices for the CCP.

By choosing to believe the truth and rejecting the CCP, you can stay away from the virus. Heaven’s destruction of the CCP has become a reality. During this CCP virus, the CCP’s evil cult and gangster nature, along with its evil purpose of destroying humanity, are all exposed. Isn’t this an opportunity from God and Buddha to allow people to make a choice again? Many people feel that the CCP virus is not over, and many signs show that the next outbreak of the plague is coming.

Most likely, there will not be another opportunity for people to make a choice when the next wave of the plague comes. The CCP is trying to hurt people with a variety of lies. People are facing an evil CCP that is willing to commit any evil. They use methods like publicly shouting at others in the street when they have exhausted their tricks. When the CCTV host scolded Pompeo and Bannon, people in the mainland were unaware of what Pompeo and Bannon even said.

The more you experience, the clearer you will understand this paragraph in the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party: "History tells us never to believe any promises made by the CCP, nor trust that any of the CCP’s commitments will be fulfilled. Believing the words of the Communist Party—no matter what the issue may be—will cost one’s life." In this special historical moment, people who still believe in the CCP’s lies and follow them will truly lose their lives. This is not just human death but the complete destruction of a life.

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