The Urgency of Eliminating the Evil Specter of Communism from the U.S. General Election

Shi Ming

PureInsight | December 13, 2020

[] Since the U.S. election, there has been a desperate battle between good and evil, between righteousness and evil in the United States around the election. Although this scene took place between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party in the United States, it has disturbed the hearts of the entire human race.

Because people have seen a reality that cannot be ignored: the evil specter of communism has penetrated the world very seriously, and the devil is ruling our world. Mankind is already in extreme danger. Without completely resisting and eliminating the penetration of evil specter factors, mankind will face a huge disaster! This is by no means alarmist. If the current crisis of the United States cannot be changed, the communist specter will take over the United States. Therefore, the United States will change its color and be replaced by socialism, the communist specter will once again make waves in the world, and our world will be ruled by the devil.

As the saying goes, evil does not suppress righteousness and justice will surely defeat evil. This is the truth of the universe. At present, the situation in the United States is undergoing rapid changes. President Trump will win a complete victory and will smoothly transition to the second Trump administration. The opponent will eventually end in failure.

The American election will leave a profound lesson to the Americans and to all the countries in the world. This may be the mercy of God, let people remember this lesson, maintain the basic conscience and righteous thoughts, always maintain good thoughts, and give up evil and evil thoughts.

The U.S. election is also awakening human beings. The devil is ruling our world! The book  titled as How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World wrote: "Though the communist regimes of Eastern Europe have disintegrated, the evil specter of communism hasn’t disappeared. On the contrary, this evil specter is already ruling our world, and humanity must not harbor a mistaken sense of optimism.” “Communism is neither a trend of thought, nor a doctrine, nor a failed attempt at a new way of ordering human affairs. Instead, it should be understood as a devil—an evil specter forged by hate, degeneracy, and other elemental forces in the universe. It took the form of a serpent, then that of a red dragon, and it keeps company with Satan, who hates God. It exploits low-level beings and demons to wreak havoc on man. The goal of the specter is to ruin humanity, and while the divine offers salvation to humankind, communism tells a man not to believe, attacks human morality so as to renounce tradition, and causes a man not to heed God’s instruction and, ultimately, to be destroyed." Who is the real dirty manipulator behind the scenes in this U.S. election? It will be clear in the future.

Now the world can’t rest for a moment, the Taiwan election, the situation in Hong Kong, the spread of the CCP virus, the U.S. election... There are shadows of communist specters and ghosts everywhere behind them. If the evil specters are not eliminated, the world will never be peaceful!


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