Pompeo Officially Met with Representatives of Groups Persecuted by the CCP

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PureInsight | December 29, 2020

[PureInsight.org] On the afternoon of December 3rd, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met at the State Department with representatives of a number of groups that have suffered severe persecution by the CCP. This is the first time the Secretary of State met with representatives of a number of persecuted groups simultaneously. U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Robert Destro and Mr. Yu Maochun of the State Department Policy Office also attended the meeting.

The appeal of this meeting was put forward by the Committee of Present Danger: China (CPDC). The CPDC's "Enslaved Nations League" project is dedicated to uniting members of different groups and races persecuted by the CCP to resist the CCP's persecution together.


The U.S. Government’s Policy towards the CPP Has Changed by Distinguishing the CCP from the Chinese People

The representatives participating in this meeting included Tenzin Sampho (US-Tibet Committee) who is the representative of Tibetans suppressed by the CCP’s autocratic regime, Kalbinur Gheni who is the representative of Xinjiang, Sugariab Hotala who is the representative of Southern Mongolia, and Enghebatu Togochog (Southern Mongolian Human Rights and Information Center, SMHRIC), Lin Xiaoxu who is the representative of Falun Gong in Washington State, Joyce Mag Ho who is the representative of Hong Kong people (initiator of Project Black Mask supporting Hong Kong people), Se Hong Kim (head of Captive Nations project), Dede Laugesen (executive secretary of CPDC); The representative of Kazakhstan, Gani Stambekov (Free Kazakh Society), their country is also because of the CCP’s “One Belt, One Road” plan, which has plundered local resources and made politics more corrupt.

They each explained to the Secretary of State Pompeo and Assistant Secretary of Human Rights Destro the persecution of the CCP against people of various regions, ethnic groups, and faith groups.

After the meeting, Mr. Destro and Mr. Yu Maochun further communicated with representatives of various organizations to explain the current fundamental changes in the U.S. government’s policy towards the CCP, including the Secretary of State’s speech that distinguished the CCP from the Chinese people. Both are huge historical breakthroughs.

Frank Gaffney, the executive chairman of the “Committee to Deal with the CCP’s Current Crisis,” stated that the “enslaved nations”, including those already enslaved by the CCP and those that are gradually being enslaved, are basically through the “Belt and Road” plan. China expanded to other regions.

    Jin Shixun, the coordinator of the "Alliance of Enslaved Nations" project, said that the main purpose is to show the world the threat of the CCP and why it ultimately affects all of us.

Representatives of the Hong Kong organizations thanked Secretary of State Pompeo for supporting the Hong Kong people in defending their rights to democracy and freedom and talked about the recent convictions of three persons including Huang Zhifeng, the former secretary-general of Hong Kong Allegiance. He Zaisi, a member of the "NY4HK" democracy organization in New York, said, "I talked to him about this, and he did tell us that their arrest is a wake-up call to the United States and shows that the United States needs to continue to fight for Hong Kong."

Participants also put forward their recommendations of policy to the State Council. Frank Gaffney said that the delegates at the meeting suggested to the Secretary of State that the CCP should be recognized as a Transnational Criminal Organization. He said, “We think this should have been done long ago, and the US government should adopt this proposal now.”

Delegates at the meeting thanked Secretary of State Pompeo for continuing to speak internationally, condemning the CCP for trampling on the human rights of all ethnic groups and suppressing freedom of belief.


Falun Gong Practitioner Lin Xiaoxu: There May Be More Shocking News Soon

Falun Gong practitioner Lin Xiaoxu said, "Today I have the opportunity to express my gratitude directly to Secretary Pompeo, because on July 20 this year, he was the first US Secretary of State, who issued an official statement and condemned the persecution of Falun Gong over the past two decades. He also mentioned the issue of live organ harvesting. Moreover, he pays great attention to this matter. Assistant Secretary of State Destro is also dealing with this matter, and they may soon have more shocking news."

On the afternoon of December 3, Dr. Lin Xiaoxu, a former US Army microbiology researcher and director of the Department of Virology at the Walter Reed Army Research Institute, said that he gave Pompeo a handmake lotus flower made by Falun Gong practitioners and thanked him for continuing to speak out for Falun Gong practitioners in Mainland China who were persecuted by the CCP.


The U.S. State Department Has Been Tough on the CCP This Year

On July 20 this year, Secretary of State Pompeo issued a statement demanding that the CCP immediately stop the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. The persecution of Falun Gong practitioners has lasted over 21 years which is too long and must be stopped. The Chinese version of the statement was also posted on the websites of the U.S. embassy and consulates in China.

On October 26, the website of the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in China released the Chinese version of the China Human Rights Report 2019. This annual report repeatedly mentioned the situation of persecution conducted by CCP to Falun Gong practitioners and lawyers who were defending Falun Gong practitioners. The report wrote, "Some activists and groups continue to accuse the government of forcibly harvesting organs from prisoners of conscience, especially members of Falun Gong."

On November 10, US Secretary of State Pompeo delivered a speech at the Ronald Reagan Institute, calling the CCP a "Marxist-Leninist monster" and the primary threat to the free world. He hopes to help the Chinese people overthrow the Internet firewall and let the Chinese people decide China's future without the influence of the CCP.

Pompeo also said, “The Chinese people will ultimately determine China’s future, just as the Soviet people ultimately determine the country’s history. Therefore, our basic job is to ensure that the Chinese people have access to information, data, and what they need to see. We have revealed what the CCP is: the CCP is a barbaric, authoritarian regime that runs counter to human dignity and freedom."

On November 17, the Policy Planning Office of the U.S. State Department released a 74-page research report on the CCP, summarizing the CCP’s various actions against the United States and the world, and putting forward ten policy recommendations to address the CCP’s challenges.

The research report, titled <The Elements of the China Challenge>, stated that the United States and other countries in the world have gradually realized that the CCP has triggered a new era of competition among major powers. However, few people can see the CCP’s invasion pattern around the world, let alone the specific form of governance the CCP pursues.

According to the report, the CCP not only focuses on gaining a dominant position in the world order, but also attempts to fundamentally change the world order and achieve its global hegemony ambitions. Facing the challenge of the CCP, the United States must defend freedom.

On December 3, the U.S. State Department confirmed that it imposed new restrictions on travel visas for Chinese Communist Party members to the United States. The new regulations reduce the non-immigrant visas (B1/B2) for CCP members and their immediate family members from 10 years to 1 month.


Chinese version: https://www.zhengjian.org/node/263752




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