What I Know of Earth's History and Mysteries (6): Crystal Skulls

Dao Ming, a Falun Dafa practitioner in mainland China

PureInsight | September 20, 2020


Preface: As the Fa rectification progresses, so do I continuously upgrade my xinxing in Dafa cultivation, assimilating myself to the universe's principles of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance, and as such, my wisdom deepens and my capabilities strengthen. Dafa has revealed to me, at my realm of cultivation, the truths of different levels, including Earth's history and mysteries. I have written these down to share with fellow practitioners.

A Lost Civilization—Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls are a riddle of this century, captivating archaeologists, scientists, and museum staff. People have been debating this topic for more than 100 years. To date, nobody has been able to accurately understand the true purpose and use of these skulls. Many people think these crystal skulls were carved some 10,000 years ago by people from the ancient civilizations of Central America. So what is the true history of these skulls? Today, from a cultivator’s standpoint, I will explain the actual meaning of the crystal skulls, starting from the first crystal skull found.

In 1924, British explorer Anna Mitchell-Hedges discovered a crystal skull in the ancient city of Lubaantun in Central America. The skull is around 18cm long, 13cm wide, 13cm tall, and 5kg heavy. It is very clean and refined. Its shape and structure are practically the same as a normal person's skull. Although the skull is not lustrous, it gives off a bright, colorless light. Sometimes the skull produces various sounds, almost like a person gently chanting, accompanied with a beautiful sound like that of a silver-bell. It is extraordinarily mystical. Whenever a person is near the skull and hears the sound it emanates, it will produce all kinds of mental associations, or visions, for the listener. Those quietly standing before the skull will feel a kind of indescribable constriction in their bodies. The skull frequently changes colors. It also has a hypnotic effect on observers. The crystal skull's mysterious supernatural phenomena cause many people's imaginations to run wild. So are these phenomena real? What other unknown truths are there?

What has been displayed to me at my realm of cultivation is that this crystal skull was not produced in this cycle of human civilization. It is a product of a previous period of human civilization. It was carved and polished by a cultivator 70,000 years ago in the area of Central America. The skull is like a highly advanced USB drive that stores various subjects of that era such as humanities, geography, sociology, religion, science, and all sorts of information. Under the effect of intense energy, the skull can produce a light beam from the area of the Celestial Eye between the eyebrows, projecting a screen on the ground some 5 meters in size, much like how a cinema broadcasts a movie. Three hundred years later, highly advanced technology in that human society allowed people to “release” the images contained within the crystal skull. The crystal skull is protected by an American Indian spirit from its corresponding dimension. That American Indian wears a feather crest and grass skirt. He has all kinds of green geometric tattoos on his face and body. He carries a leather bag on the left side of his waist. Inside there are all kinds of items that would be used as a sacrificial offering to the gods, such as a little bell, a wooden pestle, a wooden spoon, a wooden totem, and so on. The chanting sounds that the skull emanates are exactly the religious songs people sang at ancient religious sacrificial ceremonies. Those quietly standing nearby will find their thoughts somewhat restrained by the energy emitted from the crystal skull. The skull is like a door that leads to another dimension, connecting this dimension with the other. What people have seen and heard are scenes and sounds from the other dimension. In the past, a person would sacrifice himself by sealing his soul in the corresponding dimension of the skull and safeguard the crystal skull from there. The soul uses the skull as a medium, passing on to the world's people a cultivator's righteous belief and enlightenment, which can be summed up as the following: a person's flesh body can die, but a person's righteous faith in gods is eternal; it cannot be extinguished and lives on as a legacy throughout the ages.

I used my supernormal abilities to access the crystal skull and was able to gain a view of the whole era of that time. Aliens from the Orion constellation visited Earth 70,000 years ago. Their tracks can be found in every corner on every major continent. They were surprised to find that a human's brain contained the Earth, the Milky Way galaxy, and messages from the cosmos. They learned the organizational structure of man's brain and produced an imitation, one that can also store information. Thus, the crystal skull came about. They made around seven skulls. The skulls store information not only concerning the history and course of events on every continent of Earth, including mountains and rivers, but also the rise and fall of Earth's different animal and plant species. At the same time, it stores records of the Milky Way and the existence and progression of different ethnic groups and species of other planets.

The aliens from the Orion constellation had a very close relationship with the Catlánmissi Federation (meaning, wealthy nation), which was the wealthiest and most powerful nation of Central America at the time. They had a secretive dark deal with the aliens. The Orion aliens supplied the junta-ruled Catlánmissi Federation with extraterrestrial military technology, while in return the Catlánmissi junta supplied the aliens with human beings as well as plant and animal species for experiments.

The Catlánmissi Federation was an unusual society with advanced technology and slavery. The nation's wealth, science, technology, manpower, and natural resources were all in the hands of a few interest groups and the dictator, who wielded political power. Society was extremely polarized. Society's lower class was extremely impoverished. The society had a population of 70 million, and its people were of the yellow race. The mountain range of the Canadian Rockies was the birthplace of the junta. During their peak period, their capital city extended over an area equivalent to today's Mexico and the U.S. state of New Mexico. People of this nation wore either black or white clothes. Commoners wore black, while aristocrats wore white. Aided by the power of extraterrestrial technology, the Catlánmissi Federation set the standard and led the world in science and technology. Advanced alien technology was reflected in all aspects of society. Whenever the aristocrats traveled abroad, they would travel in an ion-powered aircraft. These aircrafts were intelligent, quick, and did not pollute the environment. The materials used in the aircraft were light, durable, and firm. In terms of communication, they had communication devices similar to today’s mobile phones, but theirs were more intelligent. When on a call, these phones could transmit a 10 cm-sized image of the other person in the palm of one's hand. As for farming, they used a highly concentrated nutritional solution in another dimension to grow crops of all kinds in great density. In addition, they used genetic modification (GM) technology to raise livestock. At a certain temperature and energy, they used lasers to stimulate the animals' fertilized ovum, causing a genetic mutation that distorted the animal's size. Animals could be grown to 3–5 times the size of normal animals. But these genetically-mutated animals were grown to be eaten only by the slaves, or lowest rung of society. The Catlánmissi Federation had a powerful military at the time. Soldiers used lasers as weapons. Their military uniform was an intelligent energy armor. In times of need, the armor could produce an energy that completely covered a 360-degree radius around one's body, leaving no gaps to penetrate. The junta used extremely harsh punishments for people of various ethnicities who tried to rebel and who were prisoners of war. They would forcefully implant a chip into the rebel's brain near the pineal body. The implanted chip would cause the person's main consciousness to forfeit, leaving the person tantamount to the living dead. These controlled people would be manipulated and dispatched at will. They would usually be assigned jobs in the nastiest of environments or on the battlefield, where they would engage in the most difficult, heavy-duty, and dangerous jobs. The junta's dictator regarded these people as consumables. These zombies were the weakest, lowest, and cheapest lives in the country.

The people of the Catlánmissi Federation worshipped the god of the underworld. In their language, this deity was referred to as the deity of safety, defeat, and death (伏泰死神). They considered all other religions heresy and adopted a genocidal policy against believers of other religions. With the backing of extraterrestrial technology, the Catlánmissi junta centralized governance of the Americas. Some 10–20 countries capitulated to them, yet the junta was not satisfied with the current situation. They implemented a policy to expand their military power and influence across the entire world. In their attempt to rule the world, they met a powerful resistance from the allied forces of Europe and Asia. As the junta expanded their military influence, they were worried about the allied armies. So in order to prevent any enemy invasions and attacks, the Catlánmissi Federation generally constructed low-rise buildings, normally about two stories high. Ninety percent of their buildings were underground. Under the surface of the Earth existed their enormous and booming nation, while the portion of their nation above ground was covered in forests, grasslands, and uncultivated land.

The person in charge of the Catlánmissi military, general Caslow, discovered through collaboration with the aliens that the aliens were plotting to achieve their own goals. The aliens' plan was to manipulate and use the Catlánmissi Federation and eventually replace them to become the dictators of the world. They understood the seriousness of the situation and were worried the world's people would one day be eliminated by the aliens. General Caslow secretly made seven copies of the crystal skulls the aliens had made. He used a kind of energy to store inside one crystal skull information about how the aliens of that period harmed Earth's people and the aliens' weaknesses. I saw an interesting phenomenon. Orion aliens have absolutely zero immunity to a lot of ordinary human viruses like the common cold. Once infected, they would exhibit feverish symptoms that would not subside, and red rashes would appear over their entire bodies. In 3–15 days, their organs would fail and they would die.
Not all aliens were like this. The characteristics of lives from different planets determined their adaptability to various planets' environments. General Caslow hid this crystal skull that contained information concerning Earth's fate in a private room inside a temple. Religious leaders preserved it and passed it down through the generations.

The Catlánmissi regime lasted for 180 years before being finally eliminated by the allied forces of Europe and Asia. The crystal skull was not destroyed with the regime; rather it was miraculously passed down to this day. The aliens of that era made seven crystal skulls. They brought two with them when leaving Earth. They purposely left the other five behind for humanity to leave a record of extraterrestrial civilization and of their own cultural system, including their knowledge of life, the universe, and matter as well as their way of existence and extraterrestrial technology. When the regime was overthrown, some crystal skulls were found by the victors of the war. They regarded them as precious works of art and took them back to their own countries. Some were hoarded by rich merchants. Some perished in natural calamities. When the owners of some crystal skulls passed away, they were buried together with the crystal skull.

A crystal skull can be found in the British museum. Since it was exhibited to the public in 1898, archaeologists from many countries came to do research. Experts speculate this skull is a masterpiece created by a Latin American tribe dating back to the Colonial Period. So what is the real situation? What has been revealed to me at my realm of cultivation is that 30,000 years ago, deep in the Andes mountain range of South America were a small batch of religious cultivators practicing solitary cultivation. Among them was one cultivator who had left human civilization far behind. He was located at the coldest spot on the mountain way above sea level and had cultivated by bearing hardship like this for several hundred years. He spent 13 years carving and polishing this crystal skull purely by hand. Using a very powerful gong [energy], he poured into the skull the Fa principles he had enlightened to during the course of his cultivation practice. He hoped the skull could be passed down to later generations so as to enlighten future predestined cultivators.

At that time, the Mayan empire was in its final phase of ruling the Americas. Society had become corrupt, and humans were depraved, believing in evil cults. There were many religious killings as sacrifices. It was madness. The populace would mock, deride, and scoff believers of righteous ways. The cultivator who had been cultivating for several hundred years in the Andes mountain range saw very clearly what was going to happen to the whole Mayan civilization but was powerless to do anything because everything on Earth has its destiny. Cultivators can only abide by cosmic changes when doing things.

One day, this cultivator shared his understandings with a middle-aged cultivator. He saw that even if this middle-aged cultivator cultivated for some time, he still would not cultivate beyond the Three Realms. After much stagnating on his cultivation, this middle-aged cultivator was approaching his end when he made a request to the high-level cultivator. He earnestly requested his soul be sealed inside the crystal skull, which was a Fa tool, to serve as one of its Fa guardians. He hoped his soul could forever remain in the world together with the crystal skull. The high-level cultivator said, “Gods' glory in the world has gradually diminished due to humans' incessant and unrestrained greed. But humans’ righteous faith in gods is everlasting and can never be eliminated. In the future, this will be proven: gods will reappear in the world in all their glory. All filth shall be washed away, and at that time we will meet again in person.” In his last moments, the middle-aged cultivator departed with a peaceful smile on his face. For a very long time, the middle-aged cultivator has been safeguarding the crystal skull and has been passing onto people belief in the divine, inspiring people's Buddha nature.

Another crystal skull can be found in the Paris museum of France. I used supernormal powers to discover that this crystal skull dates back to a human civilization 3,000 years ago. At that time, various American Indian tribes were distributed across the North American continent. They lived a nomadic life, hunting and moving about according to the seasons. These tribes lived in harmony for most of this period. Among the numerous tribes was one powerful native Indian tribe named the Mountain Eagle tribe. This tribe's chief, named Black Eagle, was belligerent and bloodthirsty. Black Eagle would frequently lead his warriors in bullying and humiliating smaller, weaker tribes. He took delight in beheading the men when exterminating other tribes. Throughout his life, Black Eagle killed countless people. As such, he brought upon himself many angry ghosts and spirits demanding repayment for the injustice they suffered. Consequently, the Mountain Eagle tribe not only suffered unexpected outbreaks of disease resulting in deaths, but they also constantly faced terrifying monsters that appeared in their tribe. Tribal chief Black Eagle was alarmed when he learned the real reason for all these disturbances. In the Mountain Eagle tribe, there was a wizard with profound powers. Black Eagle requested this wizard to use his powers to imprison in the crystal skull's corresponding dimension all spirits who henceforth came demanding repayment. The energy field of this crystal skull causes people to feel especially befuddled and dizzy. This is due to all the angry spirits' resentment emitting from within.

Many crystal skulls were created throughout prehistory. Some have been passed down through religions, some have been hoarded by rich individuals, some have sunk to the bottom of the ocean, and some have been buried with the dead in their coffins.

Many crystal skulls existed in each period of human civilization, but they are mostly just mere works of art. There are only 13 skulls that possess deep historical content inside.

Crystal skulls are an unsolved puzzling prehistoric cultural phenomenon of the Americas. They have always been the subject of speculation and debate by academic and scientific circles as well as the domain of archaeology.

Modern man's knowledge of the history and mysteries of Earth and of the cosmos is rather lacking. Only true cultivators of a righteous Way can clearly understand the mysterious secrets of Earth's history.

Perhaps one can find more prehistoric remains in old palace and temple ruins in the Americas. Over the long course of history, these relics are a testament to the former glory and splendor of those previous eras.

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