Truth Clarification Convoy Drives Through Flushing, New York: Reject the CCP to Stay Away From the CCP Virus

A Falun Dafa Practitioner in New York, USA

PureInsight | December 26, 2020

[] On Saturday March 21 and Sunday March 22, before the implementation of the 'Stay at Home Order' in New York State, the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party organized a 'Truth Convoy' and drove around in Flushing, the Central District of the Chinese community in New York. Their purpose was to send a message to the public: The root cause of this 'CCP Virus' (Wuhan Flu), which originated in Wuhan, China and is spreading all over the world is the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese Communist Party is a virus. The existence of the CCP threatens everyone in the world and we hope that people will 'Reject the CCP and stay away from its virus'.

Multiple vehicles were hung with banners and drove throughout Flushing’s central district area, which attracted many passers-by that stopped and watched. Many merchants also stopped working and watched the Convoy. Some slogans read "The CCP is the Most Evil Virus that Harms the World", "Reject the CCP and Stay Away from the Virus", "Falun Dafa is the Hope of Mankind, and “Withdraw from the CCP to Ensure Peace."

Rong Yi, chair of the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party, said that this new Corona virus quickly spread throughout the world due to the CCP’s concealment and lies, and evolved into a panic plague that has spread rapidly around the world. A special feature article in The Epoch Times pointed out that the virus has spread selectively and is directed at the Chinese Communist Party. It clearly outlines that it spreads throughout the Countries, Cities, Organizations and individuals that are closely related to the Chinese Communist Party.

Rong Yi stated that “The Global Service Center for Quitting Chinese Communist Party has been telling the world since its establishment in 2005: The CCP is the world’s largest virus and the most poisonous virus. The creator of this Wuhan Flu epidemic, that has brought a serious crisis to the world, is the CCP. The CCP is threatening the entire human society and wants to eliminate as many people as it can. The Truth Clarification Convoy's purpose is to persuade people to reject the CCP’s lies and brainwashing and not to stand up for it, but to quit it."

Many passers-by who saw the Truth Clarification Convoy were surprised, some gave a thumbs up, and some took out their phones to take pictures. Mr Wang (a driver in the convoy), said “Many Chinese on the road that saw the Truth Clarification Convoy stopped and watched. Some merchants stopped working and took pictures through their shop windows. On Roosevelt Ave, a passerby with shopping bags in his hands was surprised when he saw the Truth Clarification Convoy going past. He put down his bags and gave us a thumbs up. We carried on driving further and he still waved at us."

Rong Yi said that in the United States, the Chinese Communist Party has taken advantage of the American “freedom of speech” loopholes and has spread toxic propaganda throughout the entire Chinese community. For example, during the Chinese New Year Parade in Flushing, the Chinese Communist Party paid Chinese people to hold the five-star blood-colored flag, showing that "red flags occupy American streets." In return for payment, some Chinese stand up for the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP’s brainwashing propaganda has comprehensively spread through the online platform WeChat, to poison people. The Chinese Communist Party uses the patriotic feelings that the Chinese people have for their 'Motherland', China to confuse the concept between 'love of the Country, and love of the party.' The CCP purposefully muddles together patriotism and party love to dupe the Chinese people. Some Chinese people are confused and do not realize that the CCP is not China, China and the CCP are two separate entities. Some companies, groups and individuals risk "selling their soul" for economic benefit; however, they do not realize this will bring danger to themselves.

Rong Yi also said, "This dangerous regime of the Communist Party of China is about to collapse. I hope that Chinese people and other ethnic groups will exclude the Chinese Communist Party and stay away from it, the further away the better. People will see that rejecting the CCP can keep people away from the plague, which is a precursor for peace."


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