Officials in the World Are Protected by Guardians of the Underworld

Qiu Zhen

PureInsight | April 21, 2021

[] We can see that all high ranking officials receive very good treatment. In ancient times, they were carried in palanquins with eight carriers, and the officials of today have luxury cars and bodyguards. This is what we can see. But beings (whom we can’t see) are also protecting these people in other dimensions.

According to records in the book, “Mysterious Strange Records,” there once was a man named Wei Gao. He was very poor, and often wandered outside the Jianmen Pass. Provincial governor of Xichuan and Minister of War, Zhang Yanshang, arranged to have his daughter married to Wei Gao. Soon after, the Minister started to dislike him, and began to show more and more disgust and annoyance. Wei Gao became very depressed, and often went to the War Ministry commanding officer to travel with guests in order to express his dissatisfaction. This caused the War Minister to dislike him even more. One day he said to Wei Gao, “My staff members are all modern day talents, and I have great respect for them all. You don’t need to come to the offices so often when you are free.” His despise of Wei Gao reached such a degree.

One day, his wife said to him sympathetically, “Real men with ambition can succeed anywhere. My father despises and looks down on you so, yet you don’t know it, and continue to walk around happily every day - how strange! I would rather leave my parents’ mansion to follow you to live in a straw hut in the middle of the wilderness, as that is still your home. Simple meals, one scoop of rice, one ladle of water, are still food from your own household. Why stay here and endure the shame, and be ridiculed?” With that, she went to tell her father that she would leave them with Wei Gao. Before they left, Minister Zhang gifted them fifty rolls of silk. His wife thought that was too little, but didn’t dare to say anything.

At that time, there was a witch at the Minister Zhang’s mansion who saw Wei Gao going to the West courtyard. She asked the Lady of the Minister, “Who was that man dressing in the green just went to the West courtyard?” The Lady replied, “That is Wei Gao.” The witch then said, “This man is extremely noble. His rightful rank is even higher than the Prime Minister. His career fortune is coming soon, and before long he will be dispatched here. You should treat him well.” The Lady asked why, and the witch explained, “When nobles travel, they must be accompanied and protected by guardians from the Underworld. There are but ten or twenty protecting your husband, while I see more than a hundred behind Wei Gao.”

The Lady was elated after hearing this, and hurried to tell Minister Zhang. Upon hearing this, the Minister became furious, “If you thought I gave them too little and wanted me to give them more, you could’ve just said so. Why use a witch’s nonsense words to try and sway me?”

Wei Gao left Minister Zhang with his wife, and after about a month, arrived at Qishan. Because Wei Gao was the noble son-in-law of the provincial governor, he was invited by the senior official of Qishan to take a high position, and also requested that he be appointed as a judicial officer, and to take charge of the prisons. Because of his excellence in prison management and ability to judge fairly and justly, he was promoted to become a judge. Afterwards, the provincial governor of Longzhou died, and Wei Gao took up the post of senior provincial government official. Not long after that, Zhu Ci rebelled, and the emperor left the capital for Fengtian. At this point, there were 500 of Zhu Ci’s old troops in Longzhou led by military envoy Niu Yun Guang. After Niu Yun Guang wanted to cause a revolt and failed, he led troops to Zhu Ci. On the way, he met an envoy sent by Zhu Ci. The envoy carried Zhu Ci’s false edict, which appointed Wei Gao as Yu Shi. They came back together to see Wei Gao, and Wei Gao pretended to accept the order. Then he said to Niu Yun Guang, “I have accepted the order, and you may trust me. You can put away all your troops and weapons to show you have faith in me.” Niu Yun Guang did as directed. The next day, Wei Gao laid out a feast and wine to reward the army. He set up an ambush in advance, which killed all the rebel soldiers. Then he strategized a way to get the oaths from generals to surrender to the court. When Zhu Ci found out, he once more sent an envoy to promote him as JieduShi (a government official title). Wei Gao killed the messenger. When the emperor found out, his heart was greatly moved, and appointed Wei Gao as Longzhou JieduShi. After the Zhu Ci rebellion was quelled, and the emperor returned, Wei Gao rose through the ranks to become Minister of War and Provincial Governor of Xichuan. When his father-in-law Minister Zhang heard about this, he deeply regretted his own lack of foresight.

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