How I Denied the Old Forces' Arrangements

A Dafa Disciple from Mainland China

PureInsight | September 30, 2021

[] I am going to share my experience with fellow practitioners on how I deny the old forces' arrangements over the last few years.

Deny the Tribulations Imposed by the Old Forces

A few years ago, in a dream, I saw a big basin-sized stone falling from the sky. I was awakened by a "bang". I did not know what happened, so I got up and went out. I thought the old house in the backyard has collapsed. When I arrived there, nothing happened. I did not know what the loud sound was.

From then on, I felt discomfort in the waist, often pain, and the right side was heavier, as if the waist was breathing out, and there was a burst of cold air. When it is serious, I cannot go out to clarify the truth. I have to go to the warmer end of a kang. I thought that it was a sequela of the birth of my child, which is my notion formed previously and has not been changed. Later, I changed my mind as soon as I got hurt, but my state didn't change. I got more and more painful and unbearable. When the pain came, I kept vomiting. No matter how hard I tried to find the cause, this phenomenon continued for a long time.

When I was kidnapped that year, I was taken to the hospital for an examination. The doctor said that I had kidney stones. Isn't it uncomfortable for me? Do I have those symptoms? I thought to myself whether those symptoms are kidney stones. However, there was a doubt in my heart. How could I have this after so many years of cultivation? Master has cleansed my body so that I won't be sick like ordinary people. In fact, I do not admit this phenomenon in my heart, but I admit it in my action. I always use human methods to alleviate it, and I don't know how to deny the tribulations imposed by the old forces.

At this moment, it reminded me of that dream. After the big rock fell in the dream, the vibrating sound was that Master had taken the stone away in another dimension. Master said in Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference, "Don't acknowledge the old forces' arrangements, and negate this entire persecution they arranged." I suddenly understood that I did not deny it. I had accepted in my mind the tribulations imposed by the old forces. Recognizing this, I sent forth righteous thoughts to clear all the feelings of hurting, cold qi and uncomfortable on my body, and completely negate the tribulations imposed by the old forces.

Master said in Zhuan Falun, "People with serious medical conditions are not allowed to enroll in our classes, because their minds are going to be occupied with thoughts of getting healed; they won’t be able to let it go, understandably, since their condition is serious and causing them pain. That makes it very hard to engage in spiritual practice.” After learning this section of Master’s Fa, I was awakened, letting go of these sick feelings and thoughts from my mind. However, the old forces were not stopped and several bad thoughts were put into my mind later. When I denied the old forces time and time again, my body was completely healed.

Lust Is Not the Real me, It Is the Fake me

When I was dreaming some time ago, I encountered a lust test and did not pass. I regretted it after waking up. It was the old forces who used the image of my dead husband to impose on me these filthy lust depravities and confuse me. The lust is not the real self, it is the false self-formed by the postnatal notions, I will never admit it, and totally deny it. The old forces used these sex demons to drag Dafa disciples down, and I must not be fooled.

The old forces did not succeed, and then they use the fake self to make another attempt. My neighbor’s eldest brother’s wife died, and my son’s mother-in-law and I went to the funeral. My son’s mother-in-law asked me, “His wife is dead, and can he get married again?” I said without thinking, “Why not?” I did not realize it at the time to deny it. When I arrived at his house, I was sitting on the sofa; he moved a stool and sit next to me, looked at me and said, “You have lost weight”. I suddenly remembered that it was because of my above words. Because evil is pervasive, I have been exploited. The Fa-rectification is approaching an end, and all our thoughts need to be righteous.    

As I walked away, I thought that it was incurred by saying something that shouldn’t be said. It is not the real me, but the false one. I do not admit that the being who said this is the true self. It was arranged by the old forces, and was false self. I kept denying the old forces' arrangements in my heart, and didn't even acknowledge the false self used by the old forces. The old forces were not stopped and let me see five people urinating in a row. I negated them one by one and did not acknowledge the lusts imposed by the old forces. Then, there was no longer these bad thoughts in my mind, and I was able to overcome these tests.

A Hurdle Was Overcome After Negating It

Last year, my son called me and asked for my personal information. He said that he did not know when the work unit enrolled him in the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), and the work unit asked for my personal information. His mother-in-law also urged me to give quickly so as not to affect my son’s future career. I need to ask my work unit to give a resume. My son said it must be a valid stamp from the sub-district office. I thought, “How can this be done? Why do I cooperate with the evil party to ruin my son? This is the old forces’ use of my sentimentality for my son to harm me. I will not admit it, let alone cooperate.” I sent forth righteous thoughts while asking Master to resolve it. I sent forth righteous thoughts for seven days, and then nothing happened. The evil was disintegrated, and the old forces' arrangements were negated.

The denial of the old forces is not just lip service, but denial in thought and action, which is the true complete denial.

Thank you Master for your constant care! At the last moment of Master's Fa-rectification, I will follow the path that Master arranged!

The above are some of my experiences on completely denying the old forces’ arrangements. Please kindly correct me if there is anything inappropriate.


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