What I’ve Seen Through My Third Eye

Xiaohang, a practitioner in China, collated by another practitioner

PureInsight | February 11, 2022

[PureInsight.org] Our Fa study group takes Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts (SFRT) seriously. We spend up to three hours per day to SFRT. When doing this, we request our mind to be focused, fully utilizing divine powers to eliminate evil elements. Every time we SFRT, we can deeply feel the great battle between righteousness and evil in another dimension.

Once we SFRT together, I saw Dafa disciples all wearing the armor of ancient soldiers. Opposite us appeared massive evil spirits, like thousands of troops, which was beyond description. They carried all kinds of peculiar weapons, and rushed towards us fiercely. We uttered the powerful word "Mie"! The evil spirits melted away in an instant and disappeared totally.

At this time, I saw Master’s Fashen coming. Master wore a yellow robe and sat cross-legged on the ground. Layers upon layers of colorful halos radiated behind Master, shining with dazzling, brilliant light. In front of Master, there was an ancient Chinese table (pronounced “An” in Chinese). It looked similar to the table the emperor would use to deal with state affairs, with two sides eloquently tilted up. There was a big notebook on the “An,” and Master held a writing brush to write something on the notebook. Master was writing something on the notebook using a writing brush.

I got enlightened that every time the results of SFRT were recorded by Master. I was excited to see Master! On finishing off SFRT, I told my group members about what I have seen through my Third Eye. All of them felt touched and shed tears. We realized that doing well in three things is crucial. We were reinforced by Master to be involved in SFRT more. Every time we SFRT, Master will document our performance.

When I came across police and police cars, my resentment surfaced. They have been instigated by the wicked party to persecute Dafa and Dafa disciples. Over the years, they have committed countless unforgivable sins against Dafa and Dafa disciples. In the process of Fa study, I came to understand that Master requested us to treat the police with our mightiest benevolence. Therefore, I need to follow Master’s instruction. The police were deceived by CCP’s lies, but they did not realize that their original task was to assimilate to Dafa.

One time our group did a SFRT. The goal was to drive out the evil communist specter factors manipulating police and help their human side accept the truth as soon as possible. When I thought of Master’s immense benevolence, I cried. That was the first time that I’d shed tears for police. I could see many police officers turning up. They took off the hats with the national emblem, and ripped off the collar pins on their collars. Then they ran out from a small door on my right, desperately trying to get out. It was as if they might die if they run slowly. A dazzling light shot in from the outside of the door. Doesn't this imply that the police who have abandoned the evil party are running towards the bright light? I felt really happy with the awakening of the police.  Thank you, venerable Master! Master is saving sentient beings with His mighty compassion!

Another time while doing SFRT, we could see a boundless sea. From a distance, a particularly large black ship driven by an evil spirit came over. The boat was crowded with evil spirits who were holding their weapons in their hands and shouting. Many light balls made of energy exploded continuously on the black ship, the huge black ship was blazing into the sky in two or seconds. The thick iron sheets were blown into rolls, and all the evil spirits were wiped out in an instant. Then we SFRT once again and had the black ship disintegrated, while the blue sea returned to an optimum peace. At that moment, a tall and large ladder appeared in front of me, reaching to the clouds. Besides the ladder there was a steep step extending upward. I was striving forward vigorously on the step, while I saw some other people going downstairs.

At another SFRT we arrived in an immense dimension. On the opposite side of us, many disciples were cross-legged, with one hand and one palm up doing SFRT. The scene was so spectacular and extremely holy! Immediately afterwards, the Dafa disciples started to form characters, just like how Taiwanese Dafa disciples doing the character-forming event every year. They formed a big "中" (center) character, and next to the word was the number "3." I was shocked by this sacred and solemn scene.

I told fellow practitioners about what I have seen through the Third eye. They felt excited. Our understanding is that we should do well in three things, keep up in Fa-rectification progress and fulfill the grand wish. The situation in human society is changing dramatically, while the sentient beings are eager to be saved by disciples. Such an opportunity will disappear soon.

As Dafa disciples, we must undertake the task of saving people. Every single person is representing a huge group of life, which can be seen in my SFRT. One night, when I was doing sitting meditation, a lady who accepted the truth in the day time came to me, followed by countless sentient beings. She walked up to me and bowed 90 degrees to me. I said to her right away, “Please don’t bow to me. Bow to Master. It’s my Master who saved you!”

In the early days of the persecution of Dafa in 1999, Master showed me a scene that I could still remember. At that time, I saw a turbulent river, with a thick layer of white skulls floating on the water, constantly rolling and rushing down the rapids. I got shocked by this terrifying scene! I lowered my waist and stretched my hands to the bottom of the water, and scooped out a large amount of gold jewelry necklaces. There were many jewelry necklaces on the bottom of the river, just like thick sand! At that time, I realized that every piece of jewelry is a life that has been eliminated, and I thought how many lives would have to be eliminated when the Fa had rectified the human world!

Master has the time extended at the cost of his tremendous endurance, which must be treasured by disciples. As we have approached the end, Master is more anxious for us, as well as for all beings who have not yet been saved. One time when doing SFRT, I entered a dimension where Master left New York in 1999 to quietly watch the world in the mountains. I saw Master's tears flow down! Whenever I recollected that scene, I could not help but to cry.

Dafa disciples have fewer and fewer opportunities in the world to help Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. Dafa disciples made vows in the heavens, and bear an enormous mission on our shoulders. We should live up to the title of Dafa disciples, do well the three things, leave no regrets and fulfill our missions!

Please kindly correct me if anything that is not aligned with the Fa.


Thank you, venerable Master!


Thank you, fellow practitioners.




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