My Experience Memorizing the Fa

Ming Xin

PureInsight | January 23, 2023


1. On Why I Memorize the Fa

When I was in China, I never thought about memorizing the Fa, because I felt that studying the Fa by means of reading was already very good, and it was always easy for me to calm down to study. I also often felt surrounded by energy. After moving overseas in 2005, from the very first time I studied the Fa outside of China, I felt the difference from studying in China. It was not easy to concentrate, and my mind felt like it was scattered everywhere, mostly unsteady. My understanding is that other dimensions in China are full of evil substances and factors. It is remarkable if someone can overcome so many difficulties and simply pick up a Dafa book and read it. Based on this, I think the gods and buddhas will bless those studying the Fa in China, and one can achieve a good state when studying. There are not as many evil factors overseas, and Dafa books can be bought openly. Therefore, when cultivators study the Fa, they need to overcome interference from other dimensions. Under such circumstances, I chose to start memorizing Zhuan Falun. I still keep up reading too.

2. How I Memorize

At the beginning, I chose what I thought was the easiest way to memorize the book: that is, to memorize one paragraph at a time, without repeating any previous paragraphs, all the way until I memorized the entire book. Although I was not able to recall previous paragraphs that I had already memorized, I found that as I memorized the book each subsequent time, I could memorize and recite each paragraph quicker. For example, I took an hour to memorize a section at the beginning. But, it took me 30 minutes on the second round of memorizing. By the third round of memorizing the book, that first section took me 10 minutes. Ten years later, I am still using this same method to memorize the Fa. I have memorized the entire book this way at least 12 times. I then began to hand copy the book, paragraph by paragraph by memory. I found that I could recall 80-90 percent without error.

Once, another practitioner asked me how I was doing with memorizing the Fa. I answered, “80-90 percent.” She asked, "Can you remember all the punctuation in and between paragraphs?" I realized I fell short here, because I would normally memorize a few paragraphs at a time. When reciting an entire chapter, however, I was not able to infallibly remember which paragraph would come next. I re-evaluated myself, and wondered how could I say I had memorized 80 to 90 percent of the book? Later, I paid particular attention to memorizing punctuation and the order of paragraphs. I found that it was indeed very difficult. Only now do I realize that it was Master who reminded me of the important parts that I had not memorized through the mouth of another practitioner. I was then able to make up for where I fell short.

3. Results After Memorizing the Fa

The greatest benefit I have experienced from memorizing the Fa is to have carved the Fa into my heart so much so that it is constantly there to guide me. True cultivation practice, in my understanding, is to always act in accordance to the Fa whenever dealing with problems or conflicts, both in thought, understanding and action. Not only that, one should know not to adopt everyday people's methods and understandings in dealing with issues. Memorizing the Fa is indeed very helpful for true cultivation. Dafa's contents seems to have been engraved in my brain after memorizing the Fa. I frequently find that the Fa is constantly being reflected in my mind throughout the day, (without me even trying). This holds true not just for when faced with a test or conflict, but even upon encountering something, or hearing this or that, the Fa that seems relevant to the issue at hand will naturally reflect in my mind at all those moments. This allows me to better detach myself from humanness, and see the truth of the matter more clearly. When somebody is strongly attached to something, one may not be able to reflect on the Fa. Or even if one remembers the Fa, he who is attached may still be unwillingly to fully follow the Fa, which reflects another problem to be overcome in cultivation.

Another thing is that it is easier to deny the old forces' arrangements after memorizing the Fa. As I recall, Master has taught us that the old forces have arranged every thought Dafa disciples have. Practitioners know that they must deny this arrangement, but how can they deny it? My understanding is that negating the old forces mainly focuses on one's thoughts. So, it's imperative to keep to heart what Master has said about who we are, what we are here for, where we are heading, and what Master's requirements are. This way, we can discern Master's arrangements from the old forces interference. So, being able to take the right path in cultivation and avoiding detours becomes more straightforward after memorizing the Fa.

4. Other Experiences

The biggest difficulty in memorizing Zhuan Falun, I feel, is being able to repeatedly recite each paragraph accurately. Recently I recited some excerpts of Master’s later lectures, as well as dozens of poems from Hong Yin 4, 5 and 6. I would recite whatever I had memorized once, and then recite it with my mother again before going to bed at night. Then, I would recite it twice the next day. This helps engrave it in my brain.

I found that some poems in Master's Hong Yin seem to describe the entire Fa-rectification process and future in a few lines, which I feel is really shocking. Finally, I would like to conclude with a poem "To Return," from Hong Yin V. Every time I recite this poem, I feel I am seeing everything that has been experienced in the Fa-rectification in the entire universe, as well as our origin and destination. May we all not forget our original aspirations, live up to our original aspirations, help Master to rectify the Fa, and return home after consummation with Master!

To Return

The heavens were wayward,
      the earth bereft of virtue,
      the very universe imperiled.
The gods could only watch and weep,
      helpless to change their plight.
Then a peal of thunder rang out,
      and shook the very firmament,
      as the chance of salvation had come.
The Holy King of the Falun
      appeared and descended in flight.

He created the Three Realms,
     to make right Heaven’s Way,
     and save all, large and small.
The sins of the world’s many,
      He alone bore upon his back.
And remade the universe,
      righting Heaven ’n Earth anew.

May you learn Dafa, the Great Way,
       to craft a body golden,
       and return to your true home.

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