Stuck Fishbone Extracts Itself from Another Dimension, and the Danger of Phone Addiction

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PureInsight | February 12, 2023


Fishbone Extracts Itself from Another Dimension

When we ate carp one night, a fishbone got stuck in our son's throat. He stuck his fingers down his throat and could touch the fishbone, but he couldn't pull it out. Again and again, he tried in vain to remove the bone, coughing and spitting. Our whole family was very anxious, we were going to bring him to the hospital that night.

At this time, my husband said, "Communicate with the fishbone and see if it comes out?" Our son used his supernormal abilities to communicate with the fishbone, telling it that it was still lodged inside his throat. In order to let the bone assimilate to the Fa and be quickly removed, my husband said, "Let the fishbone recite, ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’ This is the way it can validate the Fa, and we will write down its story for the PureInsight website. Afterwards, our son said that the fishbone had already recited "Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." At that moment, our son suddenly felt a little pain in his throat.

My father (the boy's grandfather) used a flashlight in one hand, with chopsticks in his other hand, in attempts to extract the fishbone. But when he used the chopsticks to press my son's tongue down, he found that there was nothing lodged in my son's throat. When I asked my son again, he said: "The fishbone has gone. The pain I felt in my throat occurred when it pulled itself out and left.”

Hearing this, the boy's grandmother was very happy, and said sincerely, "I've had fishbones stuck in my throat several times, but I was not afraid. I always begged Master to melt them, and then it was all good.”

It was really amazing, Dafa is really extraordinary! No matter what malicious rumors the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) spreads, it cannot change this truth. Our whole family is grateful to Master and Dafa. I hope that people in the world can also distinguish right from wrong, don't listen to the CCP's lies and propaganda, and choose a better future for themselves.

The Dangers of Phone Addiction

One morning, after I sent forth righteous thoughts, I saw my father was covered in caterpillars while he was sleeping. These bugs were crawling toward his head, and some were in his hair. After that, I immediately called him and asked him if he had been using his mobile phone a lot recently. I told him I saw caterpillars. However, my father did not admit it, saying that he did not use his mobile phone much.

This reminded me of what happened when my father had just started practicing Dafa. That was about two years ago, my brother bought a smartphone for my father, and installed the broadband network and a wireless router (WIFI). After nearly two months, my mom called one day and said, “I don't know why, your father's whole body is very itchy. Neither scratching, bathing, or rubbing the body helps at all.”

I had a dream that night, that my mother's house had become an insects' nest, and there were all kinds of insects. Moreover, my son and I also felt itchy. My son saw with his Celestial Eye that my mother's house in another dimension was full of insects, just like what I had dreamed of. He used a supernormal ability to search for the source and found that it came from my father's field. Because my father often watches videos on his mobile phone, those bugs were all from mobile phones, especially from some popular Chinese websites. Each phone app for a Chinese website corresponds to a certain type of bug. Once an app is on, these bugs all rush out.

I told my son, “You can use the divine bird to eat these worms.” Unexpectedly, these insects were also very powerful, and they kicked the bird away just with one kick. Moreover, after my son tried to clean it up a little, the bugs appeared again and they kept flying out of the phone. My son saw that it was because my father was attached to the phone. Unless my father made up his mind not be attached to the phone, those bugs could not be cleaned up. Later, my son explained the situation to my father. My father said sincerely, “I won't be attached to the phone anymore.” In an instant, all the bugs were cleaned up.

On another occasion, my son went back to my father's house during the holidays. During exercises, my father was a little temperamental and said something bad. My mom told my son: “Your grandfather is always looking at his mobile phone, so he is not diligent.” Then I said: “How about we replace the smart phone with an older phone.” My father became angrier. He suddenly stopped holding the wheel (the second exercise), and went to lay down on the bed instead.

At this moment, my son saw a green monster with pointed horns in my father's dimensional field. It was rubbing my father's head and shooting something toward his head. Then, my father in this dimension became angry, and said something bad. It turned out that my father's attitude was completely controlled by this monster. Moreover, caterpillars were crawling all over my father's body and in the room in another dimension. My son felt it was so disgusting upon seeing this. There was a skeleton monster in a deeper dimension, and another demon was wielding a big sword, and shot something that looked similar to lightning into my father's body. My son also discovered that my father's entire dimensional field had become dark and dull.

My son said that these demons were all from the mobile phone. Because my father often watched news reports, military videos, and so on. Moreover, this time my son also saw my father's heavenly world. My father used to not be attached to his mobile phone and often studied the Fa and practiced the exercises, so at that time his heavenly world was resplendent and beautiful. At that time, my father heard music played by a boy riding on a five-colored divine bull for their prince (my father) in the heavenly world. All beings in his heavenly kingdom sing two songs for my father. One song is called "Be Diligent, Prince," and the other song is called "Come Back." In addition, the next day, his heavenly father sent a letter with three golden chicken feathers. The letter expressed how the king misses his son very much, and entrusts the prince to be diligent, study the Fa, memorize the Fa, and save more people. All beings in this heavenly kingdom are looking forward to the Prince's return.

However, recently my father had become attached to his mobile phone, his heavenly world became very dark, the sky was gray, the mountains were black and green, and the river water was polluted with dead fish floating on the surface. Moreover, there were monsters in the heavenly world, with not many sentient beings remaining. His heavenly father's body was also mutilated. When my son told my father this, my father was shocked and decided to replace his smart phone with an old phone. After that, my son saw my father's heavenly world begin to recover and get better. His heavenly father's mutilated body also recovered.

My husband does not work locally. Last Sunday, he went to my mother's house. Upon his return, my son saw that there was a thick black disc behind him, and there were many demons in it. My son felt particularly depressed when he stayed with his father and was unable to breathe properly. It turns out that my husband often looks at his mobile phone these days, and when he uses it a lot, the ghosts and monsters gathered in that disc. Mobile phone's pose huge danger.

What was seen above was limited to our cultivation levels. If anything is not right, practitioners please correct me with compassion.

Immortals, Dragons and Phoenixes Took My Father-in-law to Heaven

My father-in-law read Dafa books for a few days before July 20 in 1999. Although he had never really practiced, he knew that Dafa is good. However, after the evil Chinese Communist Party's persecution started, my father-in-law was deceived by the Party's lies, and stopped reading Dafa books due to fear. Later, my father-in-law became severely constipated and got Parkinson's disease. After we clarified the truth to him, he watched NTDTV and realized that Dafa is a righteous Fa, he was no longer deceived by the evil Party, and started cultivating again in 2014. After that, his constipation alleviated. My father-in-law's hair and beard used to be white. Although he was in his 60s, but his hair and beard turned black after he practiced Dafa. Our family all thought it was a miracle.

About six years later, he wasn't doing the exercise movements properly, and he did not look within and cultivate his mind despite studying the Fa. My father-in-law's body started to develop sickness karma. Once my father-in-law dreamed of snow pears, then he said he would die when it snows. (In Chinese, pear 梨 lí is a homonym for leave 離 lí, and hence the connotation for death in this situation, per the father-in-law's understanding). After that, my father-in-law was frightened, did not maintain his xinxing well and started to take medicine. As a consequence, he passed away in winter.

On the night of his death, my son saw a mixture of yellow and black substances below my father-in-law's waist. My son said that it was caused by taking medicine. On the second day of his death, the mourners began to play mournful music in the morning. My son said, as soon as the mourning and music sounded in the human world, he saw a god with four divine beings accompanying, a dragon and a phoenix descending from the sky. Two divine beings flanked the god on his right, and the other two on his left. The dragon and phoenix protected my father-in-law. After that, they flew up to the sky together. My father-in-law was dressed nicely and looked like an immortal. He was taken to heaven.

The reason why I wrote this is to tell everyday people that although many Dafa disciples have been persecuted and departed, they will have a good final destination. They don't belong to hell. When ordinary people die, they are usually escorted back to hell by ghosts. Practitioners should cherish the time in this world and do the three things well.

The above are personal understandings and my level is limited, so please correct me if I am wrong.

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