The Attachment of Jealousy in my Daily Life


PureInsight | June 19, 2023



My father-in-law passed away in October last year, and my mother-in-law lived alone in the countryside farming. Recently, my mother-in-law called and asked my husband to go back to the countryside to help spray pesticides.

When I heard this, I was very upset and was afraid that spraying pesticides would be pernicious for my husband, so I said to him: why not look for your younger brother? On the surface, it was for the sake of my husband's health, but actually, I was hiding a jealous thought. Master said in Realms from Essentials for Further Advancement, “A wicked person is born of jealousy. Out of selfishness and anger he complains about unfairness towards himself.” It turned out that my unhappiness was because I always thought that my mother-in-law was unfair to her two sons. Although she always asks the elder son when it comes to a heavy task, the elder son was always obedient and filial.

While writing this sharing, I found a second jealousy. My husband always listens to my mother-in-law but not to me. I want to get rid of these two attachments of jealousy as soon as possible.


I have been working full-time on a Dafa project for a long time, and the workload is very heavy and the pressure is not small.

One day, the supervisor transferred a fellow practitioner under my team to another group. I felt very uncomfortable for a few days. I always thought that even if I felt suffering and tired, I still worked hard. I could not calm down. I knew this was a wrong state, and I tried to send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate it, but I still felt that it was not completely gone.

It wasn't until one day when I participated in a group Fa-study that I happened to read Master’s Fa again, “A wicked person is born of jealousy. Out of selfishness and anger he complains about unfairness towards himself." I suddenly realized that I have another attachment of jealousy which believed the supervisor was unfair to me. I looked inward and I had to get rid of this attachment as soon as possible. Otherwise, no matter how much I did to clarify the truth, it would be in vain if my xinxing did not improve.

Today I just read Master's Further Elimination of Attachments from Essentials for Further Advancement again, “Master is very worried, but this cannot help! Why can’t you abandon ordinary human attachments? Why are you so reluctant to take a step forward? Our students, including our staff, are jealous of each other even in their work for Dafa. Can you become a Buddha this way? I want to have a loose administration simply because you cannot let go of ordinary human things and so will feel uneasy in your work. Dafa belongs to the entire universe, and not to any one, insignificant individual. Whoever does the work is spreading Dafa. It is not important whether it should be done by you or by others. Are you going to bring to a paradise this attachment that you cannot let go of, and contend with Buddhas? Nobody should treat Dafa as his own exclusive thing. Get rid of that thought that you’ve been treated unfairly! When your mind cannot get over something, isn’t it caused by your attachment? Our students shouldn’t think that this has nothing to do with them! I hope that everyone will examine himself, because you are all cultivators, with the exception of me, Li Hongzhi. Everyone should think about it: Why do I teach so great a Fa in the time of Last Havoc? If I were to disclose the truth, I would be teaching an evil practice since there would definitely be those who learn the Fa because of this. That would be studying the Fa with pursuit. In being saved, only when you seek righteousness can your attachments be eliminated. You all know that a person won’t succeed in cultivation without getting rid of attachments. Why don’t you dare to abandon more and go one step further? In fact, there must be an unspeakable reason for my teaching this Dafa. Once the truth is revealed it will be too late for regrets. I have seen the attachments in some of you, but I cannot tell you them directly. If I did, you would keep Master’s words in mind and become attached to them for the rest of your life. I hope that none of my disciples will be ruined. Saving people is just so difficult, and having them enlighten is even more difficult. More importantly, everyone should carefully examine himself in this light. You all know that Dafa is good, so why can’t you let go of your attachments?” I was very touched, so I shared it with fellow practitioners here.

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