Thoughts on “Your Main Consciousness Should Predominate”

A Mainland Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | November 8, 2023


Master said in Zhuan Falun, “Because one is lost among everyday people, one will often develop in one’s mind thoughts for fame, benefits, lust, anger, etc. Gradually, these thoughts become the powerful thought karma.”

Master's Fa awakened me. I did not know that those bad thoughts in my mind were caused by thought karma and my weak main consciousness. Looking back on my cultivation, I would often be struck by an inexplicable feeling of inadequacy. My peaceful mind would be unreasonably disturbed by feeling irritated or annoyed. Sometimes, I was fine but can suddenly turn into a demonic nature. For a long time, my family said I was mentally abnormal, or that I was disturbed. I recalled it myself, and felt that I went too far. However, at the time I really did not know why my heart would be irritable and angry for no reason. Because this phenomenon has happened frequently and violently recently, it has also caused people to have varying degrees of pain. I was also very distressed because I wanted to let the world see the beauty of Dafa, but on the contrary, not only did I not save him, but my irrational behavior hindered them from understanding the truth of Dafa.

I also felt that there were interference factors from other dimensions, so I sent forth righteous thoughts, disintegrate them, and let them go. This way the effect was getting better, but when I did not pay attention, that interference state would still appear. I was stuck in it and I felt wronged. I wanted to be sympathized with and understood, but I feel that no one can help me. One day, I spent time with my child who wanted to discuss something with me.  After she spoke out and waited for my opinion, I was not concentrating and felt like being suppressed. I did not understand what she was talking. However, my child was looking at me and wanted to hear my opinion. I said a few words to deal with her very irresponsibly. She immediately felt I was not serious at all, and was perfunctory. She was upset about it. Looking at her facial expression, I thought just a few words, why she could be so upset? Afterward, she told me that my main consciousness is not strong. After a long time, I may look like having a mental illness and do things differently from other normal people. She repeatedly told me that my main consciousness is not strong. Meanwhile, I felt the same way but I do not have enough mind power. I recited “Your Main Consciousness Should Predominate” from Zhuan Falun. While, I was reciting, I felt like Master was talking about me, “Some people do not have a very strong Main Consciousness and will comply with the thought karma to commit wrongdoing. Such people will be ruined and drop in levels.”1 I am not strong in the main consciousness, so I was disturbed and driven, and could not improve. In cultivation, if I do not move forward, I will move backward. I have not really looked inward to find out what is wrong with me. Instead, I find excuses for myself and look at the shortcomings of others. If things go on like this, I will be disturbed by other dimensions, driving their demonic nature to do things that do not conform to the Fa. Living with this bad thought, when my state is not good, there will be an abnormal state of mind, insincere words, muddle-headed things, making people feel very abnormal, but I do not realize it, not only causing trouble to my family, but also feeling depressed. I often feel resentment in my heart, and it shows on my face.

Master said in Teachings at the 2004 International Conference in New York, “Your actions are displays of your main body that is cultivating, and that is the same main body that’s to be saved. Could such a being be placed among the gods? No, it couldn’t. So you must do things well and cultivate rationally, clear-headedly, and with righteous thoughts.”

Master’s lectures are taught to disciples. I realize that Master saves our Main Spirit. Master allows us to cultivate ourselves clearly. The mechanism that Master sets is also for our Main Spirit. Driven by bad substances in other dimensions, then your Main Spirit will not be improved, and your body mechanism will not be blessed by the Fa. When the state is not good, the main consciousness will be suppressed, so it seems that the main consciousness is not strong and is being suppressed. Thought karma interference is actually very scary for a cultivator, as Master said in Zhuan Falun, “Such people will be ruined and drop in levels.”

Recently, I feel like I am slipping down as if I am not in the state of cultivation, and I think that there is a substance that is not in harmony with the law in my field, but the state of cultivation is not good. Sometimes I feel that I cannot change, and I have been stuck at a level for a long time without improving, so I did something against the Fa.

In fact, a weak main consciousness is also a manifestation of the “selfishness” of the old universe, because Dafa practitioners assist Master to rectify the Fa and save sentient beings in the world. It is not only personal cultivation and personal consummation but also the responsibilities of Dafa practitioners. The main body in the world is cultivating, and what Master saves is our main soul. If our Main Spirit is restricted by bad substances, then what will the mortal beings behind you do? Their lords got lost and could not tell the difference between good and bad. The celestial bodies are connected. When one thought emerges from your mind, the other dimensions are undergoing earth-shaking changes. If one has given oneself over to notions and karma. Did one push all beings in one’s world into a dangerous situation? Well, not only is it a problem that one has not improved oneself, but one is helping the evil, destroying sentient beings in a disguised form, and preventing them from having the opportunity to assimilate into Dafa.

Sometimes when my child said that my main consciousness was not strong, I felt still wronged, and I still had resentment towards my child. I felt that she was picking on me, and I felt that I was not what she said. I did not compare myself with the Fa, and I did not think that it was our Master who used the child to enlighten me. Although I was not dissatisfied with the peaceful appearance, my heart was very wronged, a resentment was buried in my heart. This resentment is like a bomb, it was detonated accidentally. Now, I realized that the root cause of my lack of diligence was my lack of strong main consciousness and the interference of thought karma. At this time, it seemed that a layer of fog had been cleared away, and I could see my real self clearly. The principles of cultivation are opposite to those of ordinary people.

Master said in Teachings at the 2005 Conference in San Francisco, “This is something I often say: Once you take up Dafa, whatever it is you encounter—good or bad—is a good thing (applause), for it came about only because you cultivate in Dafa.”

Comparing Master's lectures, I could now see my own shortcomings. I always use human thoughts to deal with things that happen around me, and rarely use righteous thoughts to look at them. Therefore, I feel that this person does treat me well, and that person is trying to take advantages of me. My thoughts are always impure and are full of emotions. It is reflected on the surface that doing things is not stable, eager for success, and pursuing superficial results. The human body is a small universe, and there are good and evil in the human body at the same time, but the law of universe weighs everything. Although one is in a delusion, one can cultivate and return to original true self. I realize that Master's Fa-rectification is to rectify all the unrighteous factors in the universe. We, as Dafa practitioners, can be with Master in this lifetime to help Master rectify the Fa, save sentient beings, and cultivate ourselves well at the same time. It is also to pave the path of cultivation for future people. The path for future people to become gods has been established. If Dafa practitioners cannot clearly understand their mission, then one will not live up to Master’s expectations, and one has not followed Master’s arranged path. What a pity this would be, let the real self be in charge, and cherish the precious opportunity to be with Master. Master has taught the Dafa of the universe to us, and cares for the cultivation of his disciples. Master cherishes the lives in the universe. Is there any excuse for us to be irrational or not sober?

Dafa is supernormal, and the power of Dafa practitioners’ thoughts should also be supernormal. If one failed to stand on the basis of the Fa, one is standing on the human level. The difference between a human being and a god is just one thought. Take care of one’s every thought and prevent one’s thoughts from karma. Let the real self be the main consciousness, let the main consciousness be the lead, and let all beings in the celestial world have a chance to be saved.


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