Parents Surprised by Their Children's Changes in the Miraculous Environment of Minghui Camp

A Dafa Disciple from Yunlin, Taiwan

PureInsight | November 8, 2023

[] The 14th Falun Dafa Minghui Summer Camp was held with Fa-study and experience sharing at the TransWorld University in Yunlin County from July 27 to July 30. Accompanied by some parents and led by young students, various interesting courses, video watching, games, and other methods allow children to learn how to discover their own attachments, learn how to look inward to get rid of attachments, and comprehend the spirit of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance.

During the period, in addition to studying the Fa, reciting the Fa, and doing the exercises every day, there were also activities such as singing and dancing, making lotus flowers to clarify the truth, watching films, learning classical beauty, and visiting scenic spots. The children learned a lot during these enjoyable activities. Parents also felt that the event was quite successful and looked forward to the next gathering.

The main coordinator, Yang Yizhen, undertakes the coordination work of the Minghui Camp every year. Why does she have the motivation to undertake this courageously? She said, “In addition to the various xinxing tests in the Minghui Camp, I have been exposed to projects related to children's education. With work, I felt strongly that this was what I was supposed to do.”

She thanked all the young students, parents, and staff who participated in the project for making the Minghui Summer Camp a success with mutual coordination and mutual assistance.

Magical Environment, Children Change Naturally

Qingmei from Taichung came to the Minghui Summer Camp with her three children, who were 5 years old, 4 years old, and over 1 year old. She cherished the precious opportunity to participate in this Fa study and sharing.

“Under such a miraculous environment like Dafa, teaching children Dafa is the best way to establish correct the concept of values. They have obviously changed. This camp is really successful.” She said, “Children before preschool are pure. They absorb no matter what giving directly. Children have significant changes.”

After returning home, Qingmei found that the 5 years old was willing to practice exercises with his parents, and he could also practice the second set of exercises. He could also do one-hour meditation, so she was surprised that the child could practice until finished. She said, “It's unbelievable, the environment is really important, and parents also have the responsibility to supervise.”

During the camp, Qingmei's youngest daughter had a false test of high fever. She flashed the idea of whether to take her to see a doctor. After a night of thinking and observation, she let go her worries. The fever is gone. Later, a rash appeared, which was confirmed to be roseola, and it was fine.

With three children, she cherishes the activities of studying the Fa with fellow practitioners very much. She said, “Because bringing the children to the Fa-study site may affect fellow practitioners' Fa-study and sharing. However, the Minghui Camp is a very good environment.”

What touched her most was that on the first day of Fa study, the third child was crying and fussing. She was afraid of disturbing fellow practitioners' Fa study and sharing, so she immediately took the child out. Later, two or three fellow practitioners ran out and said to her, “It is fine. You could come in and communicate together.” Qingming said, “Later when the child fell asleep, everyone clapped their hands only with hand gestures to avoid waking the child. This really touched me, and I deeply felt the kindness of practitioners and a heart that considers others.”

Doing Things According to the Principle of Dafa, Bad Things Turned into Good Things

When talking about how she obtained the Fa during the experience sharing, she recalled: When I was studying for a master's degree, I encountered setbacks, depression, and doubts about life...but the classmate who recommended her to practice Dafa was very calm and had no worries. She asked her classmate, “Will you worry about the end of the world?” The classmate replied, “The end of the world has nothing to do with good people. “

She asked herself, “Why are they so calm? They have firm beliefs and eyes. Anyway, I should read Zhuan Falun first.”

“After reading the book, my concept of the world has changed. I decided to be a better person and better understand cultivation.” Her mind has also changed. She said, “In the past, the Easy Card used by students (only discounted for students) is not greedy for petty gains after graduation. After graduation, she would not take advantage of it and did not use it anymore. She would act as an upright cultivator.”

The other incident was that she had a car accident during her pregnancy, because a driver ran a red light. In the beginning, the scars on Qingmei's feet were very large and painful. She followed the principles of Dafa and did not ask the driver for compensation. She told the driver that she was a Dafa disciple. The driver was very moved and sighed, “I have met a good person.” After that, the scars almost completely disappeared, and the pain in her feet was gone. The most important thing is that there are no sequelae, really amazing.

Participating in the Minghui Summer Camp Has Yielded a Lot

Ming Fang from Hsinchu felt that her youngest daughter did not like to study the Fa, and felt that it was hard to do anything about it. However, “She was willing to study the Fa after coming back from the Minghui summer camp last time.” She said, “I feel very touched.” This time she took her youngest daughter to participate in the Minghui Summer Camp, and she was very touched and deeply moved.

During the Fa-study and experience sharing with parents, Ming Fang felt that the experiences shared were very useful. She decided to adjust her mentality and use the method of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to communicate with her young daughter. She said, “I hope my young daughter who is a fellow practitioner can have a deeper understanding of Dafa. This trip is really full of rewards!”

Ming Fang also realized in the process of being the head of the dormitory that every young fellow practitioner is bestowed by the Master, and they also have their own corresponding missions. On the surface, they may appear to be children of other people's families, but in fact, they are all particles of Dafa. She said, “The head of the dormitory is like a parent passing by.  I can take this opportunity to chat with the children in the same dormitory about the beauty of Dafa, the words and deeds of practitioners, their own cultivation experience, etc. So that children who can participate every time can learn the different aspects of Dafa.”

Ming Fang was very grateful to all the participating practitioners at all ages. She said, “After talking with each other, I realized that no matter who participates, the host, team assistant, parents, and junior practitioners all have to pay the fee. This is really done. Demonstration of the Fa principle of “selfless and altruistic”! During the process, I also saw many fellow practitioners taking the initiative to integrate the camp, and I was really touched!”

The children studied in the pure and quiet environment of the Minghui Summer Camp, and the change was very natural and rapid. Jingchan said, “The child returned to his grandmother's house. After watching TV, he sat down and sent forth righteous thoughts on his own initiative.” The child said that because he learned in the camp how to calm down, purify yourself, and reject bad things you hear or see, and make yourself purer.

Dafa Disciples Worked as a Body, Well-coordinated to Solve Problems

This Minghui Summer Camp not only allowed children to consciously study the Fa, do the exercises and send forth righteous thoughts, but also let parents benefit a lot from the Fa study and experience sharing.

Parent Xiangyin said that she is very grateful to all the staff this time, the colleagues who planned behind the scenes, and all the parents. In addition to seeing the growth and improvement of their children, they have also found their own attachments. Thank you very much! On the way back, she still searched inward. Till now, she is still full of memories and emotions. Thank you all, and thank you very much for having this environment in the camp. Let’s improve together!

When returning home on the last day of the event, several cars got stuck in the mud and could not get out. Many practitioners offered to help but found that starting the cars and carts only made the wheels sink deeper and deeper. In the end, relying on the righteous thoughts and wisdom of Dafa’s disciples, someone thought of pulling the cart with a rope, and the cart was pulled out safely and smoothly.

During the experience sharing, fellow practitioners also realized that Dafa disciples are an entire whole body. All the things we encounter, whether they are tribulations, conflicts, difficulties, etc., are arranged in an orderly way, allowing us to improve. If we are all looking outside, never looking inwards or thinking of the whole body, and our righteous thoughts are not based on the Fa, then we will sink deeper and deeper into difficulties.

Only when Dafa disciples coordinate and cooperate well, put himself/herself lightly, and put the group first, we can improve more smoothly, clarify the truth well, and fulfill the vow of saving more people.

Everyone looks forward to the next encounter and accepts all Master's arrangements to practice. Both the children and the parents are deeply grateful to Master for the arrangement of this camp.


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