Master Li Hongzhi Sent Congratulations to 6400 People Fa Conference in Taiwan

Zhong Yuan

PureInsight | December 27, 2023

[] On December 10th, around 6,400 Falun Gong practitioners from various parts of Taiwan gathered at the Taipei Heping Basketball Stadium for the Taiwan Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference. The founder of Falun Gong, Master Li Hongzhi, sent a congratulatory message To the Dafa Disciples Attending the Fa Conference in Taiwan, encouraging disciples of Falun Dafa "You must study the Fa well and become a true cultivator."


The conference began at 9 a.m., with the host first reading Master Li Hongzhi's congratulatory message. Following that, 18 practitioners shared their improvement gained through cultivation and their experiences in clarifying the truth to the world.


A Serious Car Accident Occurred while Driving on the Highway

Yao Yanjun, a practitioner from Taipei, said that on January 1st of this year, he was involved in a serious car accident while driving on the highway. The incident was caused by changing lanes without noticing the fast-approaching car from behind, resulting in a rear-end collision. The left rear wheel and the rear door of his car were damaged, costing nearly 160,000 New Taiwan Dollars (NTD) to repair. Fortunately, neither he nor his non-practicing family members were injured. The other party's car flipped over, but the young man and woman inside were unhurt. After receiving medical treatment, they were quickly discharged. However, the estimated repair cost for the other party's car was over 600,000 NTD. Although both parties had insurance, Yao wondered how he would compensate the other party for such a large amount.

Yao Yanjun mentioned that when he received the initial accident assessment from the police, it stated that he was at fault, and the other party had no responsibility. He struggled with this assessment, especially since his aunt was the insurance policy holder and strongly urged him to apply for a vehicle accident appraisal to clarify the truth of the accident. When the appraisal report came out, it indicated, "The other party was speeding while I did not maintain a safe distance. Both contributed to the accident." Initially thinking that this was fair, he considered stopping the appeal. However, influenced by his aunt's repeated persuasion, he changed his mind and decided to appeal to reduce the compensation amount.

"Unexpectedly, the result of the appeal turned out to be that I was the primary cause of the accident," Yao Yanjun said. Due to his repeated delays in negotiating compensation matters, the other party filed a criminal lawsuit for negligence. The situation became more complicated due to his persistent fighting spirit and concerns about personal interests. Reflecting on his mentality at the time of the accident, he realized that he had long-held attachments, such as impatience, fear of loss, a desire to prove right from wrong, and a fear of trouble.


Diagnosed by Doctors with only Two Months to Live, Grateful for Master's Salvation

Huang Zhaoming has been practicing for a year and two months, expressing gratitude for Master's salvation. "I was diagnosed by doctors with only two months left to live, from despair to gaining a new life," he shared the miraculous process of practicing Falun Dafa. Before practicing, he had to go to the hospital 2 to 3 times a year for shock wave lithotripsy to break and expel kidney stones. At the end of July 2022, an emergency room doctor informed him, "Do you know that there is a large tumor in your chest?" Describing his feelings at that moment, Huang Zhaoming said, "I felt thunder-struck, truly without any signs of impending misfortune."

On October 4, 2022, doctors gave Huang Zhaoming a prognosis of only two months left to live. Three days before that, he had a gathering with friends, and one of them recommended him to read "Zhuan Falun." Upon hearing these three words, he knew it was Falun Gong. Due to his work-related travels to the mainland, he had previously received only negative information about Falun Gong. However, strangely, after returning home, he earnestly searched for Falun Gong information and discovered that this practice cultivates kindness without any charges.

After two weeks’ practicing, he felt a strong stimulation in his right nasal cavity when woke up. He expelled a nasal mucus clot covered by blood. Since that day, his sleep, which had been disrupted by nasal congestion and mucus flux, improved by over 90%. "I exclaimed how miraculous it was!" He no longer experienced the trouble of kidney stones. Seeing his positive changes, his wife also started learning the practice. Now, in getting along with spouses, children, and friends or business partners, he consciously follows the principles of "Truthfulness-Compassionate-Forbearance," and everything around him has become more harmonious.


Climbing out of the Vortex of Depression

Zhang Shuyi is an introverted person. Since childhood, whenever guests came to her home, she would hide upstairs. Against her parents' opposition, she married and went from being a pampered young lady to shouldering both factory work and household chores after marriage. When enduring hardship and injustice, she swallowed her grievances, even harboring resentment towards her parents, feeling abandoned. Her mood was consistently poor, and at times, she even thought about running into the street to be hit by a car—later realizing it was depression.

She had a car accident after her cultivation, and injured her left knee, making it impossible to kneel or walk normally. Through diligent practice, she eventually recovered, but during a family conflict, she suddenly could not squat down and began dragging her foot while walking. She noticed that her foot pain always occurred after disputing with others. "As long as the other person's behavior doesn't align with my views, I will argue with them. Isn't that just wanting to hear pleasant things? Otherwise, won't I harbor resentment?" "Isn't the root of my depression also resentment?" Although she was aware of her resentment, her thoughts remained negative.

A fellow practitioner invited Zhang Shuyi to study Fa together. She said, "After studying the Fa for a whole day, a feeling I had never experienced before filled my space—a kind of clarity, purity, and unparalleled beauty. I finally climbed out of the vortex of depression, sincerely feeling that Master helped me eliminate a lot of the negative substances." As she progressed through the cultivation, she learned how to approach things with a positive mindset, understand others' difficulties, tolerate their shortcomings, and look at issues from multiple perspectives. For a while, she was frequently bitten by ants and realized her attachments of narrow-mindedness and fuss.


Cultivating Dafa, Increasing Wisdom- Journey to Participate in the NTD Beauty Pageant

Liang Wanyun grew up in a large family with three generations living together. As the eldest daughter, she was instilled with the idea that "everything is inferior to learning." She went to study in the Netherlands, but returned to Taiwan to temporarily avoid the covid pandemic. In October 2021, after obtaining the Fa (practicing Falun Dafa), she no longer experienced insomnia, palpitations, or depression. When she returned to the Netherlands last year, she found that studying was no longer difficult for her. She was willing to take responsibilities within her group of classmates, and her group planning achievements were excellent. When she received her graduation certificate, she thanked Master for unlocking her wisdom and allowing her to see her potentials.

In May of this year, fellow practitioners encouraged Liang Wanyun to participate in the NTD Beauty Pageant. Initially, she thought she did not meet the conditions for participation. However, encouraged by her mother, aunt, and fellow practitioners, and reflecting on her vanity that was afraid of failure, she decided to participate. She learned makeup, parade walking, and more. Her demeanor and figure gradually became elegant, experiencing the reserved and dignified beauty of traditional Chinese women. Even in the preliminary round, she independently produced a short film titled "The Mission of Beauty" which received favorable reviews from the judges and secured her spot in the New York finals.

As the NTD Beauty Pageant's official performance began, Liang Wanyun felt a sense of peace when the stage lights shone on them. The beauty of the stage made her forget all worries. Each contestant fulfilled the opening dance until the end. Although she did not make it to the top 16, she felt helping the other contestants achieve their dreams. Participating in the beauty pageant helped her understand the meanings of virtue, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and sincerity. In the end, she wanted to share a self-statement that she did not get to express in the finals: "Always remember to be kind, go against the tide in society, help others to achieve is a better version of achieving yourself."


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