The Resurgence of 'WeChat' Poses Dangers to Practitioners

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | April 28, 2024

[] After the Minghui Editorial Office issued a notice to uninstall WeChat, the vast majority of practitioners were able to uninstall WeChat. Some practitioners truly went through a heart-wrenching cultivation process before uninstalling it. Of course, in today's society, many units, schools, and friends rely on WeChat to communicate information. Almost everyone cannot do anything without WeChat, even students rely on WeChat notifications for their homework. In such a situation, practitioners, for the sake of cultivation, can overcome difficulties and find ways to uninstall WeChat.

However, during the pandemic, many practitioners reinstalled WeChat for easy access. Some practitioners are still using WeChat to this day. I have many practitioners around me who have been using it all along.

WeChat not only brings safety hazards to practitioners but also occasionally interferes with their cultivation state. In our group, one practitioner said, "My eyes are a bit blurry from reading today; I shouldn’t look at WeChat anymore". The next day, another practitioner said, "Today my eyes and head are uncomfortable; I cannot play TikTok anymore. It's been two hours wasted in a flash; too time-consuming." However, no matter what was said or done, I found that as long as the phone was nearby, they could not control themselves, and after a couple of days, they would still be the same. Some practitioners also do online shopping or watch live broadcasts. They purchase things that are not suitable, return them and repeat the same thing. Sometimes a single item has to be returned several times before it is settled, wasting a lot of precious time. It is really not worth it.

We practitioners all know that the current time comes from Master's enormous enduring. It is for our cultivation improvement and saving more sentient beings. We cannot waste it! Let us think about it: Can we live up to the Master's tremendous efforts? Can we live up to the expectations of the heavenly beings waiting for us? Time is pressing, and we cannot afford to lose!

I myself have never used WeChat, even during the pandemic. I have not received the vaccine either, nor have I done a nucleic acid test. None of three things that we need to d was delayed at all. The phone is rarely used because I do not bring it with me as long as I stay locally. It would be inconvenient to bring the phone with me whenever I need to clarify the truth during my errands or shopping. I cannot bring the phone to Fa study group or fellow practitioners' homes either. Over time, family and friends have become accustomed to me not bringing the phone, so it is just forgotten in a corner. I believed that having faith in Master and the Fa should not be just a matter of words but act upon Master's teachings.

Finally, let me respectfully dedicate the lectures of the Master to inspire and encourage fellow practitioners. Master answered a question from a disciple at Teaching the Fa in Washington D.C. in 2018, “Disciple: I’m a European practitioner. I found that I’m being controlled by an attachment every day and constantly look at my cellphone and computer and have wasted a lot of time. I tried to free myself from such a state but without success. I’d like to ask benevolent Master to tell me how to enhance willpower and get rid of it.

Master: Buy a cellphone that can’t access the internet. (All disciples laugh loudly, applaud) (Master smiles) If you want to overcome it, there surely is a way. You know what? Many young disciples at the Mountain, to avoid interference, have only one phone and don’t go online.”

The above is my current understanding, which is limited by my current level. Please kindly correct me if there is anything that is not based on the Fa.


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