Anomalous Facts--Anomaly #9 The Jansenists

William Barkley

PureInsight | July 9, 2001

Michael Talbot writes about 'Mass Psychokinesis in Eighteenth Century France' (128).

This account, as Talbot himself describes it, is 'one of the most remarkable displays of miraculous events ever recorded.' In addition, he states that 'What makes these miraculous events to unique is that they were witnessed by literally thousands of observers' both day and night for a period of many years (129). Further, in 1733, the public records show that over 3,000 volunteers were required to make sure that the female 'convulsionaires' did not become immodestly exposed during these remarkable events.

These events were so numerous that one of the investigators, Louis-Basile Carre de Montgeron, a member of the Paris Parliament, published 4 thick volumes in 1737 called La Verite des Miracles. (130) Many other members of the intelligentsia of that time witnessed and/or commented on these anomalous events. Among them were Voltaire, King Louis XV and the Scottish philosopher, David Hume. The Roman Catholic Church investigators tried to refute and disprove the Jansensist miracles but instead had to confirm them. Since the Church was trying to get rid of the Jansenists, it could not take credit for the miracles. It, therefore, labeled them the work of the devil.

The Jansenists were a religious sect that incurred the ire of both the French monarchy and the Roman Catholic Church. When one of the Jansenist leaders, deacon Francois de Paris, died on May 1, 1727, the intensity of the miracles performed by the sect intensified. The mourners initially gathered at the deacon's tomb where numerous ailments including blindness, paralysis, cancers, etc. were cured. However, the show-stoppers were the so-called 'convulsionaires' who started to have spasms and convulsions which quickly became so contagious that the streets were full of convulsing men, women and children. While they were in this state they could not be harmed by any of the many forms of torture or abuse used on them, and there were many.

As a singular example, one of the female convulsionaires bent backwards over the sharp point of a peg. A fifty pound stone was lifted high above her stomach and allowed to fall, again and again. Normally, just the stone falling onto a person's stomach will crush the torso, lungs, internal organs and even the backbone. She walked away from this incredible situation without a mark on her! The convulsionaires could not be harmed by extremely vicious 'attacks' with metal rods, chains, timbers, hammers, knives, swords and hatchets! Some were even able to levitate while witnesses tried to hold them to the ground. Remember, these events happened hundreds of times over a period of many years with thousands of witnesses.

Editor's note: With our modern, Western belief system we will either totally ignore this extremely anomalous situation or say something to the effect 'There must be a simple explanation that just wasn't available to the people of that time.' There is no way that our scientific community would admit that we just do not understand the physical dimension in which we live. Arrogance cannot admit ignorance. Zhuan Falun teaches us that we must first change our mindset in order to understand this dimension. One of the first steps is to get rid of that arrogance and the belief that we do 'know it all'.

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