Nationality, Architecture, and Human Language

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | July 9, 2001

Nationality: not only does the ethnicity of human beings on earth are correspond to the ethnicity of the people in the heavens, but the minorities within the same race correspond to minorities within ethnic groups in the heavens also. Problems and conflicts between racial groups on earth are often left over side effects from conflicts between heavenly racial groups that had deviated from the characteristics of the universe.

Architecture: no matter whether it is built in China or elsewhere, from government buildings to the houses of the common people, ancient architectures all have the original architectural designs from the different heavens.

Human Language: no matter whether Chinese or other languages, the ancient languages are all fundamentally consistent with the corresponding language of that race in the heavens. Any artificially made so-called World Language will be very hard to promote because it does not have roots. Modern languages have been modified and changed by aliens. This is one of the preparations that aliens have made in their bid to replace human beings.

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