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PureInsight | August 13, 2001

Let me begin with an experience of mine.

My major is computer science, and I am very interested in network security, because I want to use the Internet to promote Falun Dafa and clarify the truth to ordinary people. To do that, we have to break through the blockade on the Internet.

The Chinese government has been trying every means to block normal information flow on the Internet. However, if I can find a computer outside the control range of the Chinese government and use it as a springboard, it will be very easy to break through the Internet blockade.

One day, I wanted to try this method. Soon I found a computer whose vulnerabilities made it easy for me to use it as a springboard. I didn't have any intention of causing any damage, and just wanted to use it to break through the Internet blockade. And I would only use very little bandwidth. I would not tell anyone about it, and just wanted to use it myself. I could even use it when it was early morning by its local time, so that there would not be any influence on them.

I looked at the information on that computer on my screen, and paused for a long while. Judging from its IP address, I knew it was not far away from me, and it should be a family computer with broadband connection. If I took the few steps that I had tried many times on my computer, it could become my springboard. After thinking about it for a long time, I felt that it is not right to invade, because a practitioner shouldn't do that. But at the same time I thought it was not as serious as I felt. After hesitating for several times, at last I didn't invade that computer.

After that, I thought about this for a long time, and now I got it. I can find other ways to break through the blockade, and therefore don't have to invade other computers. No matter how simple it is to invade, how sufficient the reasons are, and how little the influence might be, I will not invade other computers, because there is no justifiable reasons for them to be invaded. It is quite different from treating the evil gang in China--they're doomed to be eliminated. Invading their computers, like those belonging to, which has been spreading evil lies, can reduce their evil effects. And by taking advantage of them, we can clarify the truth to ordinary people. Here I also warn them solemnly that they should not spread evil lies any more.

If hackers just help others detect security vulnerabilities and tell them where they are, or maybe put up a sign to prove something in order to enhance the technology, then I want say something about my view on this.

Let's make an analogy between the computer and your house. Somebody stands outside your door and knocks here and there with hammers and pliers--'detecting'. Then he tries to find out if your door has been locked. If so, he will try the most advanced tools on your lock and see whether it can be opened--'system hole'. He tries to find out if the windows are open and, if not, whether they have been locked, and whether he can get in from there--'software loopholes'. He would also check if there is any planted agent--'cockhorse'. When he gets into the house, he begins to open up boxes and chests. If the boxes are locked, too, then he keeps on unlocking them. At last he leaves a message--'you house is not safe enough', and then he lists the security problems and suggests solutions. This guy may still think, 'I am so kind. if it were others then who knows what they would do'. If it is a real home, then this behavior has broken the law.

But it is different when it comes to the evil forces. The reason is: those houses contain 'spoils' or 'ammunition', or even criminals themselves. We could have asked the police to detect their houses and attack them. You wouldn't have any objections to the police attacking criminal gangs, would you? However, now a government has been used to do scoundrel things, and the police have been used as thugs by the evil forces (excluding those who do not work for the evil forces). What can we expect from them?

There are some special aspects about computers. When using computers, people seem to have 'supernormal abilities'. These 'supernormal abilities' are like magic abilities. For example, when somebody is detecting your computer, maybe you will not notice it at all, because his abilities (techniques) are better than yours. But if you have installed a firewall, which is like the supernormal capability of 'penetrating eyesight', you can notice what others are doing to you. The computer simulates a world of supernormal capabilities. However, the strength of these capabilities has nothing to do with Xinxing [heart or mind nature] but only depends on techniques. This shows its deviation. It has created a world in which only techniques are considered and admired, while Xinxing and virtue are ignored. In fact, this is the characteristic of 'empirical science', and it is just more clearly displayed in the world of computer. I think this violates the Fa of the cosmos. Wisdom relates to Xinxing and virtue; and in world of computer, people only talk about techniques and don't talk about wisdom. Have you noticed that people have become, more and more, too lazy to think. So long as they grasp the techniques, it is OK, especially in the world of computers. Some people would say: 'What's wrong with that? It's dictated by the division of labor.' Actually it is true that this is the only way 'empirical science' can take, but it is the slowest way and it leads to nowhere, because it does not pay attention to Xinxing and has therefore violated the Fa of the cosmos. It pursues the development of technology, by which it strengthens its 'supernormal capabilities'. However, the correct path to take is to advocate the improvement of Xinxing, so that one can control more and more dimensions and one's capabilities become stronger and stronger.

Let's talk about hackers again. The more knowledge he has about network security and the more developed his techniques are, the more famous the hacker will become in the world of hackers, and the more confident he will be about himself. This is pretty much like a martial arts master. However, we know that real martial arts masters pay attention to Xinxing and virtue. For the experts on the Internet, however, their capabilities have nothing to do with their Xinxing. That doesn't mean their Xinxing levels are all very low. It's just that their xinxing is irrelevant to their capabilities. Their capabilities depend on their techniques. Where do the techniques come from? Through study. This phenomenon makes people think that one can 'learn' 'supernormal abilities' through hard work, and the potency of the 'capabilities' can be enhanced only by learning the technology behind them.

It must be the evil forces that have arranged all of this to come into existence. Actually, all of these 'capabilities' are too tiny to even mention in the face of the Buddha Fa.

I believe that all of this will be changed and all of these deviations will be corrected in the future. Practitioners who are enlightened in the Dafa can break up the notion of 'improving by learning techniques', and show the real truth to people--the Fa of the cosmos will bring new science to the human race.

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