Foreseeing the Future Society

A Dafa Disciple in Singapore

PureInsight | September 4, 2001

With Master's coming to offer salvation in person, the cultivation course of Dafa disciples will become a period of great and sublime history. "When this page of history is turned, the people who remain will see your greatness" ("Rationality").

Naturally, upon witnessing this magnificent scene, all of society will enter a time of cultivation. Till then, the earth will be new and all things will flare with a new century's sheen. For the people who remain, there will be no evil higher beings that can take control of them. People will come out from the maze and understand what happened. Their hearts will be struck strongly by Dafa.

It will be a society based on cultivation. People will uphold cultivation as the norm and pursue a positive attitude. Cultivation will become the standard when deciding what should exist or what should not. Cultivation will also guide human society onto the right track. Human beings will understand that returning to the original true self is the purpose of life.

On earth, humans are the most precious. Everything in the world is made for human beings' cultivation. Human life styles, attire, ornamentation and so on change with the updating of human concepts. They will develop towards a natural and healthy way.

In cultivation, a person with high supernormal capabilities can really walk a thousand miles in a day or even less than a day. People will give up existing transportation machines gradually. Since the educational system, starting with kindergarten, elementary school, high school, college and graduate school has no means of satisfying a human's need for exploring life, nature and the cosmos, it will be snuffed out day by day. Thus, people will give up today's modern science gradually. All things centered on science will peel off layer by layer like aging bark.

People will have natural food, as well as pure and clean drinking water from springs, rivers and lakes. The departments related to the manufacturing of foods and beverage will no longer exist.

The magnitude of a person's good luck is related to his cultivation level. High-level persons may be the kings. The rest may be deduced by analogy. The higher the person's level, the more he can consider others and keep a compassionate heart. Every person will do it this way and endeavor to improve his xinxing (moral character).

Since one will repay his karma, one's life may be very hard. However, it is not a bad thing for cultivation. One can cultivate easily in a harsh environment. Then the good experiences will come from cultivation, and one can feel better and better. Human satisfaction on the level of the earth is worth nothing. On the contrary, it causes people to seek temporary ease and forget the purpose of life. Master said: "Suppose that you live comfortably among the ordinary people with a lot of money and that your bed is padded with money and you have no pains, you would not be interested in becoming an immortal." (Zhuan Falun).

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