Looking Internally and Looking Externally (In a Few Words)

By Xue Bu

PureInsight | September 9, 2002

In ordinary human society, people have developed the habit of always looking externally. In cultivation, if we can’t look at everything from the standpoint of the Fa, we often look externally as well. Actually, this seriously impedes the improvement of our xinxing. It is ordinary people’s “cleverness” to always blame others. If a cultivator is like that, then he or she is really off track. If we always keep bad things with us, then our benti (original body) cannot be transformed. This leaves karma a place to hide.

Looking internally is the wisdom Teacher has taught us. When we look internally, we will feel pain but we need to endure it. However, this is how gong increases as well. Once when I was in a conflict, my mind told me to look within, but as I searched and searched, I still blamed others. This was when I realized how sneaky and stubborn the bad things were. They were truly doing everything they could to defend themselves. No matter what we encounter in Fa-rectification, we cultivators will cultivate internally. Let’s fully use the wisdom Teacher taught us to look internally.

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