Warped Shopping Habits

A Dafa Disciple from Kaohsiung

PureInsight | September 4, 2001

On a rare occasion, I had some leisure time at home. I tried to open my desk drawer after doing the exercises and studying the Fa. I was unable to open the drawer, because it was packed with all sorts of things. I made up my mind to organize my desk thoroughly. Finally, I managed to open the drawer. I was surprised to suddenly realize how greedy I was. I had purchased many cards, bookmarks, art crafts, and so on. All of those were acquired during my travel to other countries in each year before I obtained the Fa. I treated them as treasures at the time I bought them, but put them aside after I brought them home and paid no attention to them for many years. Think about it: what kind of mind state was this?

This is one of the types of distorted thinking displayed by modern people: possessing without caring. Almost everyone's shopping taste is for more, better, and newer. Pursuing blindly without an end, possessing without gratification, and spending without reservations – these are the values of modern people. The whole external environment is encouraging people to spend more than they actually need, thereby forming a group behavior.

Upon thinking this, I shivered. I WAS part of this warped behavior in the past!

Luckily, I have obtained the Fa now and am able to see all this clearly. Master has mentioned in "Hong Yin" (a collection of poems):

All people are puzzled,
Attached to fame and interest.
People in ancient times were honest and compassionate,
So their hearts were calm and they had both fortune and longevity.

(unofficial translation)

Owning more does not mean better. On the contrary, only after we abandon all of our attachments, can we reach Consummation!

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