Deviated Notions Create More Disease

A Dafa Disciple from Taiwan

PureInsight | January 14, 2002

A farmer carried a basket of vegetables to market to sell. At dusk, he began his journey home with his unsold vegetables. To earn a little more, he tried to sell his vegetables along the way. On reaching his home, he threw them onto the compost pile.

An inquisitive neighbor happened to see this and felt it was very strange. Even if the farmer didn't want the vegetables himself, he could feed them to his chickens. Why throw them out? Such a waste! The neighbor couldn't figure it out, so he asked the farmer why he threw out the vegetables for which he had worked so hard. The farmer answered, "How can I eat those vegetables with so many chemicals in them?"

My dad told this little story that really happened. It still continues to happen every day. This is an example of people ignoring problems that they know exist. Some people sell food to others that they dare not eat themselves. The whole environment including air and water is treated by this double standard. It is a problem throughout the world. This type of corruption is pervasive. It's the result of moral degeneration. People are just not as honest as their ancestors were.

Many people wonder why so many strange diseases have shown up in recent years. Some of these diseases, which were previously unheard of, have become quite common. When I tell people that these diseases are the result of karma caused by moral degeneration, they look at me quizzically. The impact of science in recent years has changed people's understanding of the importance of morals. People believe that science can solve everything, that it is superior to God, and can do whatever humans want it to. All of these notions are deviated. Science is limited and has many blind spots. It actually brings more disaster than happiness to mankind.

For example, pesticides are a product of science. They can kill injurious insects, but they also cause destruction of the natural environment. First of all, producing pesticides creates harmful waste. Furthermore, the pesticide that does not biodegrade pollutes the soil and water, and it is harmful to humans and animals. Spreading pesticides can disrupt ecological cycles. From extensive pesticide use, insects can become genetically mutated and poison-resistant. This new kind of insect will propagate rapidly and become a new environmental danger. Also, pesticides don't always discriminate between harmful and beneficial insects. As long as they are used, they will kill them all. Some insects' food chains will be altered. Some insects will lose their natural enemies and reproduce out of control, creating a new kind of pest. The results of science are both positive and negative. This makes "scientific achievement" dubious, at best.

The moral degeneration of society not only shows up in the field of biochemical pesticides, but also in every scientific field. Science creates industry and industry produces pollution. Every industry is changing and ruining the environment. Genetic mutations threaten to appear everywhere. Will humans become deformed? All kinds of strange diseases may appear.

I believe that moral degeneration is the main reason for the increase in diseases in these times. Universal law supports the maintenance of all beings in the universe. The moral standard of human beings affects the universal law of this level. As human beings lose their morals the universe adjusts its standard of justice. In this universe, the just law is: "whoever creates karma shall pay for it him/herself, and one's own karma must be removed by oneself." Cultivators understand that moral degeneration is the ultimate reason for the increase in diseases. Ordinary people explain it as a result of environmental pollution or give other lower level reasons.

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