Some Understandings from Attending the New York Dafa Conference

An Overseas Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | April 16, 2007


I. The Route to the Airport

The city I am living is very small, so I have to take the plane from
another city. I looked up the on-line map and found a new route from my
home to the airport, which was different from the one I used to take.
Although this new route seemed to take less time, there are a few
devious roads on the way. Since it would take several hours to catch
the plane, I decided to follow the route I was familiar with to the
airport. Actually there are also a few devious roads but, after all, I
drove through this way before, and I felt confident I could get to the
airport on time using this route.

Thereupon, I got enlightened to a point. We have known from studying
the Fa that what we Dafa disciples have been doing will all be left for
human beings in the future to refer to and follow. Therefore, if a Dafa
practitioner succeeds in cultivation during the current
Fa-rectification period, then humans in the future or the beings from
other different levels will regard this period as what they can refer
to. At that time, which will be after the Fa-rectification period,
Master will not teach the Fa and save beings directly. Rather, human
beings will know what roads they can walk to reach consummation.

Thus, it seems to me that under whatever circumstance, whatever things
we might encounter now, we should always conduct ourselves well.
Because it is Fa-rectification period, and we are validating the Fa.

II. Experience Sharing from Fellow Practitioners

I was greatly moved by many fellow practitioners' sharing. Some
practitioners introduced their experience of clarifying the truth to
big companies. Some shared how they broke through impediments among
practitioners by improving themselves. There was a new practitioner who
introduced how happy she was when she eventually found Dafa, the real
way to go back to her true self.

When listening to fellow practitioners' experience sharing, I changed a
few old notions of mine. Whenever there is mention of clarifying the
truth, I often only recall several ways, such as handing out flyers,
making phone calls, writing articles, and the like. As a matter of
fact, everything exists for Dafa. How could there be so few methods to
clarify the truth and save sentient beings? Moreover, the course of
Fa-rectification has been advancing forward and many issues have been
taking place constantly compared with what they were in the past. Why
were there many matters, such as clarifying the truth to big companies,
which we did not think of to do or we thought we were unable to do? It
was because that we were not really clear about our responsibility to
save the sentient beings and did not let go of all sorts of

A fellow practitioner's sharing actually reminds me of the story called
"Draw feet for a snake". I used to have such a feeling: sometimes when
I looked inward, or I did well on a certain issue, I would feel a
little complacent. I even let my mind linger on it for a while, not for
summing up the experience, but for enjoying the feeling. Actually this
omission will easily cause problems. It might delay what I was supposed
to continue, or even worse, it could leave a loophole for the evil to
utilize. Sometimes I couldn't make myself clearheaded until I really
got myself trapped in trouble and took a while to get rid of the
trouble. I am wondering if a stander-by sees this, what thought might
he have?

In fact, if we truly have the cases of persecution of Dafa
practitioners on the Mainland reported on the Clearwisdom website in
our minds, really try to feel the pain suffered by those practitioners,
and think of the expectation from the sentient beings at different
levels to carry out our promises, would we treat many issues the same
way as we do now?

III. Saving Sentient Beings

After listening to Master's teaching, I asked several fellow
practitioners for their understanding. Many of them said that they
reach the same impression, which is to save the sentient beings.  

I have also the similar impression. I get much deeper understandings
upon many issues through Master's teaching. I realize that I need a
thorough break through in my cultivation.

When discussing with a fellow practitioners, he mentioned that a new
local practitioner changed several dozens of jobs within a year, since
he was always unsatisfied with his job. I thought that it was not
accidental that I heard this. Actually when I am doing some Dafa
projects, sometimes I am unwilling to do the projects because of lack
of interest or because I personally feel the project is too difficult
to fulfill. When choosing a Dafa project to carry out, we certainly
need to consider our own strengths, but we should first take the need
of saving the sentient beings as the priority.  Take a look at
every different Fa-rectification project and it is noticeable that
there are always some practitioners who conduct themselves very well.
Meanwhile, it should not be coincidental that I obtain the chance to do
this certain project. When we focus on saving the sentient beings and
validating the Fa, many things can be fulfilled successfully with
better methods and better impact.

This also reminds me of another problem that some other practitioners
and I all have. That is the attachment to our ordinary jobs and life
style and the attachment to thoughts about why we do not have jobs as
good as some other practitioners'. My understanding on this issue is
that a practitioner's living situation is related to many factors, such
as his previous lives in history, the sentient beings who he is
supposed to save, and all sorts of attachments of his and so on. 
In fact, such conditions as different professions and living conditions
will not cause essential influence on our cultivation. For example,
there are diligent practitioners, as well as un-diligent ones, working
in a same profession and living under similar conditions. But if we pay
too much attention to these, it will cause unnecessary interference and
trouble. For example, if a pupil worries all day that his own backpack
is not as beautiful as another's, his own pencil case is not as
delicate as another's, and his shoes are not better than another's, how
can he really consider his studies where he is supposed to put most of
his thought and energy? The path for a Dafa practitioner is paved by
factors from many aspects and it is always being taken care of by
Master. Unnecessary worries actually reflect that one's xinxing
level is really low and needs to be improved, which could be easily
taken advantage of by the evil to harm our will power to cultivate

Therefore, we should be really aware what we are doing. With a clear
mind, tangible and intangible interference will be much less. That we
should conduct ourselves better is not to decrease the interference;
instead, it is because we will cultivate ourselves into a pure and
righteous being in Dafa and the whole process is to validate the Fa.

IV. Other Things

Throughout the whole trip, there are a few other things worth mentioning.

While preparing for the parade, I was talking with a fellow
practitioner. Another practitioner came by to ask if we wanted to order
lunch. At that moment, I was talking with gusto, so I answered without
even turning around, "I don't want to!" That practitioner then left.
The fellow practitioner who was talking with me said, "Why was your
attitude so bad?" I then realized that my performance was really awful.
Whether one can be considerate of others can not be just on the
surface; instead, we have to cultivate ourselves from the root of our

Later, when taking a bus to the airport, I asked a man for directions
in the bus. He told me where to get off with patience. I gave him a
truth-clarifying newspaper that was the same one that we handed out
during the parade. He took the newspaper and started to read, and said,
"'Organ harvesting' is really terrible!" Then he told me that he
adopted a Chinese girl who is already eleven years old. He took out the
Chinese girl's picture and showed it to me. I was touched. It seems
that people come and go casually, but how can we know the real deep
predestined relation between them and the Fa and us from the surface.

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