Saving Sentient Beings While Rescuing Fellow Practitioners

PureInsight | September 29, 2014

[] Recently four practitioners in our area were kidnapped by the police while distributing truth clarification materials. Fellow practitioners clarified the truth to the police and also asked Master for help. One practitioner was released that day and another one was released later.

Once we heard that practitioners were kidnapped, we posted the information online to expose the bad doings of the evil. We informed their family members of the practitioners to ask for them at the public security bureau, local police station, and detention center. When their family members got to the public security bureau, they were sent to detention centers in other places. Their family members then went to the detention centers in other places by bus. But the police of the detention center and public security bureau tried to push off the responsibilities and said some insignificant words as prevarication. Their family members were not allowed to visit fellow practitioners and were even forced to spend hundreds of yuan for nothing. They were very disappointed. We went to the homes of fellow practitioners who were being persecuted but the family members were just complaining and blaming others. However, we were not moved by the illusion and sent forth righteous thoughts more frequently to thoroughly eliminate all evils that were persecuting fellow practitioners and their family members.

Fellow practitioners and I had a discussion right away. We enlightened that the cultivation paths of Dafa disciples are arranged by Master and other lives are not allowed to intervene. We can correct our shortcomings in Dafa. All other lives are not allowed to persecute us. Dafa disciples do not belong to their control but to Master’s.

We cleared out the negative thoughts in our mind in time and looked within to correct ourselves. Dafa materials are used to save people; equipment was our tool to use to save sentient beings; and every character in Dafa books is shiny and has Master’s fashen. We definitely do not allow the police to raid the homes of fellow practitioners or extort them. Master did not arrange home raiding, arrest, or other ways of persecution in the cultivation paths of Dafa disciples so we definitely do not admit all the persecution imposed upon us. We did not think about the shortcomings of fellow practitioners but only added righteous thoughts to them in tribulations. It is normal for cultivators to have shortcomings and attachments. Fellow practitioners can all correct themselves according to Dafa. We just send forth righteous thoughts to fellow practitioners. We just believed in Master and Dafa and eliminated evils. The human world is not for the evil beings to act violently. We should save more sentient beings through this rescue of fellow practitioners.

Fellow practitioners enlightened: We cannot admit even one day of kidnap of fellow practitioners and we do not admit their arrangement of persecution. We sent forth righteous thoughts as a group nearby every day. We were originally thinking about saving some money for fellow practitioners but we gave up that idea after we enlightened. Everybody kept finding relevant personnel to clarify the truth to. Their family members were not discouraged either and continued to go to public security bureau, national security brigade, and detention center to ask for release of fellow practitioners.

Fellow practitioners from other cities also cooperated with us and helped to collect the phone numbers of a lot of members of public security personnel and other people. We sent the information about the persecution and rescue of fellow practitioners to Dafa website promptly. Practitioners outside and inside China formed an indestructible body to rescue fellow practitioners and save sentient beings.

In order to rescue fellow practitioners, practitioners outside and inside China sent a lot of picture messages and pre-recorded audios through phone calls to our area to help us save people. When we found out that there were still people near us who did not accept the truth, we discussed with fellow practitioners right away and cooperated as a team. We sent out strong righteous thoughts: Completely eliminate evil beings and elements that interfere with people receiving phone calls of picture messages and pre-recorded audios and other information. Let all of the people who received the information be saved.

The phone calls from fellow practitioners overseas reached the detention center, public security bureau, and national security brigade, which significantly shocked the evil. The evil beings behind the police were eliminated. People who understood the truth started to wake up and began to condemn the persecution of Falun Gong.

One local fellow practitioner who was unlawfully arrested was released unconditionally. However, the other one was not. We were not moved by the illusion. Everything is decided by Master. We do not admit this kind of evil arrangement. Dafa disciples are taken care of by Master. Everybody continued to send forth righteous thoughts in high frequency to completely eliminate evil to release fellow practitioner unconditionally. Our righteous thoughts do not stop until fellow practitioner is released.

With Master’s compassionate support, the other practitioner was also unconditionally released on the next day. The two practitioners clarified the truth along their way back. They did not sign or confess anything. Dafa books and materials were not affected at all. Here, we would like to thank the efforts and hard work of fellow practitioners overseas.

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